CCSF 2012 Day 1: A Celebration Like No Other

Written by Jessica as Part of the Shee Journey Series

There was no turning back: My home transformed into nothing more than a speck of stardust as my journey began. I was assured that I was in no immediate danger, though I suspected that the initial takeoff was one of the most dangerous moments of this maiden voyage. My two trusted assistants were the only companions, yet I was relieved to have such peace and quiet. The cage room, complete with elaborate climate controls, was empty. I could just imagine the sights and sounds that would soon complete it. No Shee had this sort of opportunity, and my firsthand research was something I could hardly resist getting excited about. Yet my trembling fingers could barely hold a cup of tea, which was certainly not a good outcome. Emotions in check, I set course for the nearest exploratory star system.

The communication channels were soon awash with some of the strangest noises. For one brief moment, when the sound waves echoed throughout the corridors, I believed my ship was about to explode. The automatic flight features assured me, as I caught my assistants snickering. A Shee can never be faulted for expecting the worst. I released the exploration vessel, which was designed to explore and gather whatever could be found. We were positioned near a very vibrant planet, which virtually pulsed with its own energy. The images of the surface came back, and nearly invoked a smile. Nearly, but not quite. This was a strange world, indeed.

To describe the surface as colorful was an understatement. The vessel reported how the air was filled with flecks of color, which made me relieved to still be in the clean, sterile air of the ship. It dawned upon me that this world was oozing a sense of celebration and positive energy. Even from my vantage point in space, there was a decidedly joyous aura... My assistants broke into a short dance, which was quickly cut off by my stare. None of that on such a vital mission. Then, the alert sounded: A being had been captured. I nervously gathered myself in the research room, where a portal slowly opened to reveal my first subject. My fingers tingled with anticipation...

From Jessica: "The first day of the CCSF 2012 is, aptly enough, all about celebration! Creatures offers us many reasons to celebrate, from the birth of a Norn to the discovery of a new metaroom. Get the Creatures Community Spirit Festival off to a wonderful start with some fun and colorful ways to celebrate! Keep an eye out throughout the day, as the first set of downloads is released! Remember, something new could be posted at any time..."


Pirate-Rob said...

Celebratory much? Can't wait for the first downloads :D

Unknown said...

Pirate-Rob: Couldn't get the CCSF off to a good start without an explosion of celebration! I hope the first downloads conveyed this feeling pretty well. Expect a whole lot more as the festival continues through the middle of this month!

SpringRain said...

How wonderful! What a lovely idea. I had hoped the celebration planet would be included. <3

Unknown said...

SpringRain: Thanks! I'm glad many were happy to get the festival started with a celebration-style world!

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