CCSF 2012 Day 1: Colortrue Ettins

Created by Ylukyun for C3/DS (Ettin Breed)

Bring a bit of color into your C3/DS world with this pack of Colortrue Ettins! Not only do these Ettins start off with unique coloring in the first generation, but their genetics have been altered to allow colors to mix throughout the generations, rather than being solely inherited. This pack includes egg agents for the following colors:

Light Pink

Download the Colortrue Ettins (11 KB RAR File)

From Ylukyun: "These Ettins are inspired by the Spice Norns and based on CFE no mutate Chichi Norns. They have pigment genes moved around, making their colors mix instead of being inherited. The pigment genes do not mutate, as this causes issues with loss of color over time, but you should be able to get a wide variety of colors without mutation. People are welcome to use these files as a base for creating new color varieties."

IMPORTANT: The Desert Ettin sprites must be installed. Colortrue Ettins should not be mixed with other breeds, as the offspring may be sliders or die. Muco will autokill when first injecting the agents and extracting the genome: For best results, hatch a Turquoise Colortrue Ettin first before hatching any other color varieties.

Examples of Second Generation Colortrue Ettins


Pirate-Rob said...

They don't breed well with other breeds? Challenge accepted!

Unknown said...

Pirate-Rob: That was the information provided by Ylukyun, though I didn't test this out myself. It might be similar to the issues that arise when breeding CFE and non-CFE Creatures. Perhaps you'll have some luck, though!

SpringRain said...

A bright rainbow of Ettins to colour anyone's world. They certainly look like celebration planet residents! Thanks Ylukyun!~

ylukyun said...

It's due to the genes that were moved around. Sometimes this means pose or brain genes get overwritten causing sliders and rightwalkers.

Just one small correction - the picture on the bottom left is third gen.

So glad people are enjoying this breed!

Unknown said...

Ylukyun: Thanks for the clarification! The picture on the bottom left was actually taken from my test world, and these were the second generation results. Did you mean the bottom right-hand picture? This is the one you submitted. In any event, pretty colors abound throughout the generations!

ylukyun said...

Oh oops yes I did, I could have sworn I said right. Anyway, I'm pretty sure they're third gen, but now that you mention it... I guess it doesn't matter any way, it's just an example of the color mixing.

Unknown said...

Ylukyun: No problem! From my general testing, the color possibilities are endless each generation. One could even introduce a new first generation Colortrue Ettin to an older population for a new pop of color. Awesome work on these!

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