CCSF 2012 Day 10: Activities Updates

With the final installment of the daily comic yesterday, never fear! The last post of each day will still be clear, so no one needs to check back endlessly after a certain time. Today's final word of the day comes as an update about the CCSF 2012 Activities. Most of the deadlines end tonight! Although there have not been an enormous number of entries, all entries will be made available for the following activities, with several voting polls to come:
  • Caption Contest (2 Entries)
  • Shee Design Contest (3 Entries)
  • Space Travel Contest (2 Entries)
  • Writing Prompt Challenge (1 Entry)
Still working on an entry? Please be sure to finish up as soon as possible! Thanks to everyone who has participated so far: It's been wonderful to see so much activity! Be prepared to view the entries very soon!


SpringRain said...

I wasn't able to participate in all of them this time but I'm glad we're so spoiled for choice. All of them look so much fun! I hope there's a Lego rendition of a Shee star ship somewhere in there. Lol.

ylukyun said...

Is the wolfling run still going ahead? Sorry I missed entering a creature!

SpringRain said...

Oh man, I hope that's going ahead! I love Wolfling runs!

Unknown said...

SpringRain: Ha ha! I've actually been playing with Legos lately, and my brother and I are in the midst of building a ship. It's nothing like anything I would build for the Shee, but I've often tried to change the design to enter it. No such luck, but it's been on my mind!

Ylukyun: Yes, indeed! I actually began the wolfing run yesterday, though I'm not sure if I can make the videos I was hoping for. Lots and lots of time! I think I'll still be able to post a summary with important life events and some pictures, though. Not ideal, but otherwise the rest of the CCSF might not happen on time. Ha ha!

SpringRain said...

Oh cool, sounds very interesting. I wouldn't have a clue how to make a ship but if I had some Lego I'd definitely give it a try. XD Lego is one of the most fun things in the world! Lol. You can make just about anything out of it.

Yeah, Wolfling runs can be a bit time consiuming but they are always good to watch, especially when others participate and send in their creatures. Or I also like when there's a bunch of different metarooms that they can explore. That's fun too.

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