CCSF 2012 Day 12: Desert Feral Run

Submitted by Kitty Tikara for C3/DS

Add some new Creatures to your world with these desert feral run survivors! The following are included:

Grendels (Four from Generations 21-22)
Plant Norns (Three from Generations 30-31)

Download the Desert Feral Creatures (406 KB RAR File)

From Kitty Tikara: "The Plant Norns require nothing but light and a little water to grow, so they were perfect for the desert. I'd never really used them for very much, but they turned out to be the most hardy of all the Creatures. The Metallophagus Grendels are there because the ones from the technological world were over populated and needed a new place to live."

IMPORTANT: The Plant Norns are required in order to view the sprites of these Norns correctly.


SpringRain said...

Thanks again for sharing your Creatures with us Kitty Tikara. These little plant norns are rather pretty. I might try them out in a seperate world made just for plant Norns of different kinds.

I've started a world with Colortrue Ettins and Fairyfloss Norns and stayed up to midnight playing it. XD I suspect that's what will happen with these.

Risen Angel said...

I have to admit that I look forwards to these packs of feral run creatures, even if they're not the sort of release that brings down the house. They're quite a big inspiration for my own feral/wolfling runs.

SpringRain said...

@Grendel Man: Yeah, I'm not sure what it is, but I always tend to get attached to other people's creatures for some reason. :D

I like adopting them and then posting what they get up to in my blog. XD

Truthfully, I've never really done a proper Feral Run before since I always have to interfere somehow. Lol. But Wolfling runs, yes.

Kitty Tikara said...

Thanks everyone! <3

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