CCSF 2012 Day 12: The Four Runes

Created by Doringo for C3/DS (Agent)

The ruins of a desert world hold many secrets, and this discovery is no different! The Four Runes are a collection of agents. Included in the download are the following:

Heart Rune (Teleportation)
Light Rune (Education)
Pestilence Rune (Infection)
Water Rune (Medication)

Download the Four Runes (298 KB RAR File)

From Doringo: "These four runes were excavated from one of the many ruins of the desert world. The runes are Water, Light, Pestilence, and Heart. Each does something related to its name."


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a nice agent but why would you design something to spread infection? Isn't the idea of Creatures to support and sustain artificial life rather than try to kill it off?
So can you explain what exactly the Pestilence Rune is designed for?

Steelfoot said...

Two words, my anonymous friend: Toxic Norns. They love that horrible stuff!

Doringo said...


Ever heard of the toxic norns? Those are creatures that need infection/toxins in order to live. It hardly spreads infection anyway as creatures that use it tend to die before even getting the chance to spread the doom.

I'm pretty sure there are some other creatures out there that live on toxins also, Just so you know, the water rune is probably rather deadly to toxic creatures.

Anonymous said...

Well I would like to thank you both for clarifying and explaining the point I raised.
But it appears I may have touched a nerve by asking a simple question? I wasn't trying to cause a problem by asking either. I just simply didn't automatically link the Pestilence Rune (Infection) to being designed for the Toxic Norns. As when I tend to think of infections in Creatures I think of them as being diseases that need to be wiped out before they are spread from creature to creature rather than it being a benefactor to a creatures survival. Although that being said, I do also understand that Toxic Norns function differently to other types of Norn as they require certain things that are fatal to other types of creatures to survive. I hope this can straighten out my misunderstanding.

SpringRain said...

I don't see any touched nerves around here. ^_^ Lol. That's the trouble with plain text sometimes it can be read in many different tones. We need more emoticons. XD I'm sure those who answered your query only meant to be helpful.

Hmm, yeah I think infections in Creatures 1 are a different kettle of fish compared to how they work in Creatures 3 and Docking Station. In C1, I think it's a more simple system. The C3/DS version seems to be more complicated with more variations and some nastier stuff than antigens.

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