CCSF 2012 Day 14: A Final Thanks & Survey

As we close out the Creatures Community Spirit Festival this year, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone once again! It was a pleasure to have so much going on this year, and to see the community so active is always wonderful. Great job to everyone! We had a ton of submissions this year: It was difficult to live up to the CCSF 2011, but hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves! Here is a list of everyone who helped out or contributed in some way:

C-Rex | Don | Doringo | Generalflame | Ghosthande | GirlySatan | Grendel Man | Kitty Tikara
Laura | Lauren | Liam | Malkin | Marvolo323 | Mea | MK-Grendel | Moe
Nirax | Papriko | Pirate-Rob | Sam999 | SpringRain | Steve Grand | TAB | Terra | Ylukyun

If that doesn't show how strong our community still is, I don't know what does! Thanks again for voting me in as the coordinator this year. I hope I lived up to expectations and made the last two weeks exciting for all sorts of Creatures fans! And so ends another wonderful festival, though I hope the community spirit continues to live strongly until the next CCSF! See everyone next year at the CCSF 2013!


Unknown said...

Thank YOU, Jessica! :)

Pirate-Rob said...

Thanks Jessica for hosting the CCSF this year! It was well done, I think the way it was done was better that last year.

Daniel Hudson said...

You did a great job Jessica. :)

Gobbo said...

Agreed. I hope you will find the time for hosting it next year.

Hawk said...

Thank you so much, Jessica. You've made the CCSF even better. <3

Nirax said...

Thank you, I appreciate your work! :D

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