CCSF 2012 Day 14: Prizes for All

As a special thanks to everyone who took part in the CCSF 2012 in some way, here are a couple of wonderful prizes to enjoy! Both are C3/DS agents created by the generous and talented Ghosthande. Enjoy!

Download the Norn Nip (5 KB RAR File) | Download the Purple Mountain Norn Doll (72 KB RAR File)


SpringRain said...

I know I've been saying it a lot and sound like a broken record by now but thank you very much.

I think my feline Norns will really like the little pot of Norn Nip. =n.n= And the button eyes on the Purple Mountain Norn Dolly remind me of Coraline. <3 The heart on his belly is a sweet touch. Maybe he can be friends with Coconut Dolly? *grin*

Mellisa Fan said...

Woot thanks a bunch! They look really well done :3

Springrain, you have feline norns? Where'd you get them?? *o*

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