CCSF 2012 Day 3: Zeppelin Grendels

Drawn and Written by Sam999

Not all Creatures need wings to fly, as this wonderful drawing and description prove! The Zeppelin Grendels would be a sight to see in any world, complete with their methane air sacs and bodies designed for flight. Included with this download are the following:

Zeppelin Grendels Art
Zeppelin Grendels Information
Zeppelin Grendels Report

Enjoy this unique take on a Grendel breed that could certainly exist in Creatures at some point! Also make sure to read the complete report about them. They have a lot of features not usually found in Grendels!

Download the Zeppelin Grendels (690 KB RAR File)

From Sam999: "Recovered on, or rather in the upper atmospherical layers of world twenty, the Zeppelin Grendels are at present one of only three known species of airborne Grendel. The others are Winged Bulbous Grendels and Skyswimmer Grendels, which Shee biologists suspect they may be related to. I don't intend to make Zeppelin Grendels a breed, but if anyone would like to, you have my approval.
  • Maneuvering: Zeppelin Grendels have developed webbed and elongated hands and feet, as well as a flattened paddle-tail for propulsion and maneuvering, although flight is achieved via fleshy methane sacs.
  • Feeding: Diet is largely composed of airborne vegetation such as hover-kelp, balloon-blossom fruit and drifting seeds from assorted species. Some specimens have been observed to filter-feed via their beards, picking out seeds or small floating plants caught following flying through clouds.
  • Reproduction: Unlike regular Grendels, they give birth to live young due to the disadvantages of an egg when the only "ground" consists of a rocky core kilometers below covered in air pressurized into a solid. Further information has been irretrievable due to our Grendel reproductive specialist position being unfilled. Apparently embarrassment due to having that career on a resumé or something.
  • Aggression: Zeppelin Grendels are quite peaceful creatures, presumably as slap-fights would likely lead to both Grendels puncturing each other's flight bladders and falling until crushed by atmospheric pressure. Even deliberate attempts at provoking aggression via a Norn-shaped puppet failed.
  • Evolutionary History: Unknown. It is clear that they can not have evolved in their present location due to the impossibility of a flightless ancestral form. Presumably their ancestors were genetically engineered from standard Albian Grendels at some point.
  • Recovery: Unfortunately, due to the inability to successfully simulate their preferred conditions abroad ship no specimens have been recovered. Further exploration will be required for study of this species."


Anonymous said...

Could you please post an in game picture of these Grendels they sound really cool! I am loving CCSF 2012 so far great work!

Unknown said...

Anonymous: This is actually not a breed at the moment, but just a concept with a drawing and detailed description. Hopefully someone will end up creating this breed someday: It's certainly a great start! Glad to hear you're enjoying the CCSF 2012!

ylukyun said...

Oh the humanity!

This is ingenious, I hope they get made into a breed some day!

SpringRain said...

Oh my gosh, I love the beards! I can imagine them taking very good care of them. Lol. Gives a new meaning to when crumbs or bits of food gets caught in a beard, too. XD These guys would make a very unique breed of Grendels.

Unknown said...

Ylukyun: I agree! If I had the knowledge to make C3/DS breeds, this would definitely be one I would want to see as soon as possible. Great job to Sam999 for coming up with such a unique and interesting concept!

SpringRain: I enjoyed the part about the beards, too! It also creates some ideas for creating new food sources and critters that would exist in the clouds with the Zeppelin Grendels!

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