CCSF 2012 Day 6: In the Land of the Jungle

Written by Jessica as Part of the Shee Journey Series

I found it difficult to focus on the spacecraft's computers: This next planet would take us further from home than ever, and it should have felt like a true step for advancement. It was impossible to keep a decent sleep schedule, yet my glossy eyes were a clear sign that I had experienced troubled sleep. I glanced forlornly at my cup of tea, which had cooled to a dangerously low temperature. My assistants had the courtesy to leave me in peace... I could hardly tell them that I thought our cargo hold held more than mere research specimens. With a ragged sigh, I peered out into the great empty expanse of space. The outline of a planet was just coming into view. I almost felt a pang of guilt, as if taking any more Norns, Grendels, and Ettins would be cruel. I brushed aside the strange thoughts quickly.

This planet was one that the Shee Intergalactic Research Institute had warned me against. Most of it was a deep, dark jungle with questionable forms of life. I was only too glad to send the exploratory vessel into the green murkiness... Better it than me. There was the fleeting moment when it seemed like it had become lost near a tangled canopy of trees. My heart fluttered, for this would give me extra time to spend with the Norns and Ettins. Research subjects, of course. This was all in the name of Shee research. Nothing more. Yet the vessel reappeared on the radar screen, and seemed to defiantly sneer at me from the planet's surface. Cheeky.

From Jessica: "Welcome to the jungle! Danger and death are often associated with the jungles from the Creatures series, though they offer much more... If one is willing to take the chance! The sixth day of the CCSF will be full of surprises, just as the Shee from the main storyline seems to have a surprise or two. Thanks to everyone for making the CCSF 2012 such an interactive experience! Keep on commenting, rating, and downloading!"

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Pirate-Rob said...

I will continue to read on of course, in the name of Shee research! nothing more... Yet the comics are sneering at me O.O

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