CCSF 2012 Day 8: Aquatic World Feral Run

Submitted by Kitty Tikara for C3/DS

There is no better way to explore the depths of the aquatic regions in Creatures than with a group of water-dwelling Norns! This group of feral run Norns are accustomed to the water, and enjoy nothing more than swimming and splashing about! Please make sure to read the important information below, as these Norns come from breeds with sprite dependencies and special instructions. Enjoy spending time in the underwater realm of C3/DS with some adorable new additions! Included in the download are the following:

Gill Norns (Four from Generations 15-16)
Pearl Mermaid Norns (Five from Generations 9-10)

Download the Aquatic World Norns (504 KB RAR File)

From Kitty Tikara: "The Gill Norns have to be kept underwater at all times, or they die quickly. The Pearl Mermaid Norns can't retreat from Norns in the water and can't lay eggs on their own. They can swim, though! They had the color mutation from the beginning, and the Golden Desert sprites were added in later generations. Quick tip for keeping them happier: Have a lot of dummy portals, or just raise a pair at a time."

IMPORTANT: The Gill Norns and Pearl Mermaid Norns are required in order to view the sprites of these Norns correctly. Additionally, the Golden Desert Norn sprites should be installed.

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ylukyun said...

Gill Norns don't have their own sprites, they need Desert Norn sprites:

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