CCSF 2012 Day 13: Activities Update

The CCSF 2012 is quickly drawing to a close, along with the activities. Many posts will be made tomorrow, on the final day of the festival, to announce the winners! Prizes will also be shown off, as one developer clearly put in a ton of effort! Many will be happy to know that since there weren't winners for all activities, extra prizes will be available for all! As a teaser, here are some of the names of the CCSF 2012 prizes:
  • Bondi Norn Doll
  • CCSF Globe
  • Genie Lamp
  • Harlequin Norn Doll
The wolfing run challenge results will also be revealed tomorrow! Unfortunately, it was not possible to do an in-depth video series, nor documentary, but hopefully the results will still be fun to read through. Perhaps another wolfing run challenge will be held after the CCSF, with tons of detail. This concludes today, but make sure to stop by for the exciting conclusion to the CCSF 2012 tomorrow! Thanks again to everyone who contributed!


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