CCSF 2012 Day 14: Frozen in Time

Written by Jessica as Part of the Shee Journey Series

Our only chance was a frozen planet in the same star system: The institute had always had a great deal of interest in one like this, since ancient life could have been perfectly preserved. I quickly jumped into action, and told the Shee of this possible discovery. Though they kept control of the spaceship, they were eager to not miss out on this world. I jumped to action, guiding everyone into the emergency vehicle. It was a tight squeeze, and some of the Grendels were ready to eat the nearest Norns. If this plan was to work, I had little time left. And one shot. One very long shot... I returned to brew my best cup of tea since the voyage had begun. I sipped it slowly, as a lone tear trickled to my lips and offered a salty note to the otherwise perfect cup of tea. I took a deep breath as we drew closer.

I passed by the group of Norns, Grendels, and Ettins jammed into the tiny ship. There was enough room for a good amount of food, and lots of seeds. My assistants looked at me with a mix of fear and anticipation. I gave them my usual stern look, but followed it up with a genuine smile. Again, we needed no words to communicate our thoughts and feelings. They knew what had to be done, whether or not I made it in time. As I boarded the exploratory vessel, I started my timer. Though this vessel was more of an enemy, I needed it for this final journey. The Shee Intergalactic Research Institute would be watching closely, but I was confident. I had to be.

Everything was rather surreal as I approached this mysterious frozen world. Ice and snow swirled far into its atmosphere, and I was immediately blinded. Perfect. Fortunately, this was not a world with any life. No chance of the vessel collecting any samples, which was better than I expected. As the ground finally came into view, I spotted exactly what I was looking for: A small mountain range. I glanced at my timer: It was just about time. With a flick of my fingers, I input a complex sequence I had known by heart from the start of this journey. It was the manual override for a collision course. Only I had modified it, ever so slightly. The vessel would never know.

I transmitted a signal back to the institute warning of hostile enemies who were in full pursuit. With a wry smile, I set the course and headed to the back of the vessel. In a moment, the escape hatch opened, though it did so unwittingly. The Shee who were listening merely heard a recording of my voice, which would transmit until the crash. This had to work... I checked the timer just as it finished its countdown. Almost in slow motion, I jumped. The icy air was a muddle of bright pain, but I met it with excitement. I knew the emergency ship was on its way: There was no way the institute could turn it back from a rescue mission. Only they had no idea what it was rescuing...

In the distance, I watched the vessel turn into a glowing ball of fire for little more than a few seconds. Its demise was the end of its treachery. I could scarcely breath the freezing air, though, and I disappeared into the blackness of unconsciousness long before I could know if my assistants had located me. No matter what happened to me, these Creatures would forever be safe from the prying hands of the Shee from the institute. Research was what this journey was based upon, but I discovered something much more important than anything that could be found in a lab. I had found life: Not just new life, but my own life, as well. And that was worth it all.

From Jessica: "Can you believe it? Today marks the final day of the CCSF 2012! This has been an amazing two weeks, and we finish off with a frozen world. The main storyline has now come full circle... Or is it really finished? Check back throughout the day for the final releases, along with the announcement of the activity winners! Thank you again to everyone who has made this year's CCSF a wonderful one!"

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Nirax said...

Thank you! I loved the idea of binding all the days together like this. Also gave something specific to look forward to every day :D

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