CCSF 2012 Day 14: Ferret Ettins

Drawn and Written by Lauren

A frozen world would never be complete without some living beings in it. The Ferret Ettins are a new breed concept, and their lifestyle makes them perfect for living in cold, icy conditions!

From Lauren: "Anyone is free to make this into a real breed.

Living in the mountainous ranges of tundra and rock, the Ferret Ettins are an ancient breed that live deep underground in tunnels and only come above ground to search for their food.

Although mostly solitary, some Ferret Ettins have been found to live happily in tight knit family groups that help care for each other's young.

Their pale coats keep them warm in the frost and provide excellent cover from anything looking to eat these Ettins. Although technically predators themselves, that doesn't stop other critters looking at them like snacks.

Food: Their natural diet usually consists of critters, critter eggs, bugs and sometimes even fish if they are able to catch them, although upon capture we have found they will eat a normal diet but this is at the expense of them having less nutrition.

Movement: Movement is fairly easy for these Ettins, as they are lithe and quick and have no problem at all chasing down prey.

Reproduction: These Ettins are photo-receptive breeders, meaning that they come into season based on the amount of light that they absorb into their bodies just like plants do for photosynthisis. They are good breeders.

Aggression: Not much is known about their aggression, as they can be fairly solitary, but tests have shown that by waking them up from naps they do get pretty grumpy... Other then that they are pretty friendly, but have problems with overcrowdedness.

Evolutionary History: Blood tests have shown a distant link from the Ettins of the swamp in Albia but how they got here is a bit of a mystery. It is thought that their ancestors were brought here after a long journey and escaped off the Shee ship into the wilderness and became what we see today.

Immunity: They seem to suffer from a lot of sneezing.

Recovery: Recovery of this species on board the ship was relatively easy although they have a habit to play which kept the crew busy before we could set off again. They are settling in well and more tests will be carried out over the course of the journey."


SpringRain said...

These Ettins look so cute~! Is it just me, or are Ettins becoming cuter than Norns? The Neko Ettins, Poodle Ettins and Chameleon Ettins would probably be delighted to have these guys added to the list. ^__^

ylukyun said...

I'm sure I can make this into a genetic breed if anyone is interested...

Lisha777 said...

Cool! I hope these become a breed!
I would so download them!

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