CCSF 2012 Day 2: Aquanornia Revamped

Updated by Grendel Man for C3/DS (Metaroom)

Creatures who enjoy the beach and going for a swim now have a new place to call home! Aquanornia Revamped includes a plethora of updates to the original metaroom. Explore the three underwater levels, or let your Norns, Grendels, and Ettins enjoy a vacation on the shore! Although the area is empty, this simply opens up the opportunity for customization through other agents. Create a wonderful aquatic metaroom with Aquanornia Revamped! Included in the download are the following:

Aquanornia Revamped Agent
Aquanornia Revamped Banner
Aquanornia Revamped Readme

Download Aquanornia Revamped (1.8 MB RAR File)

From Grendel Man: "The original Aquanornia was made by Jennie, and I merely updated it. It is one of the oldest aquatic metarooms around, and one of the few that's receptive to non-swimming creatures. I should note that really large creatures, like the Sabertooth Norns, might have some difficulty navigating the room since the ceiling is a bit low in some places. The updates included with this revamp are as follows (more information in the Readme):
  • The room now injects into all game combinations: C3 standalone, DS standalone, and DS docked.
  • The room has been remapped slightly.
  • The wooden platform is now semi-permeable, allowing some objects to fall through it.
  • Grendels who try to ride the lift to the level immediately below the platform won't teleport up a floor.
  • The uppermost aquatic level is a little more navigable.
  • All of the C3 life within the room has been removed, as have the cheese machines.
  • CA has been added. Light and heat varies depending on the time of day.
  • The levels of the room connected by lifts have been linked up.
  • The lifts themselves have recieved Vampess's edits.
  • The doors have been recoded and the autokill error that plagued the original DS doors has been fixed.
  • The camera won't jump to the doors should a creature use one.
  • Both the DS and C3 versions of the room have a favorite place icon."

IMPORTANT: Aquanornia Revamped works in all combinations of worlds (C3, C3/DS, and DS) but Creatures 3 must be installed, because it draws some of its resources from this game, such as the elevator sprites.


Pirate-Rob said...

I never even knew this metaroom existed...

Risen Angel said...

For the record, if you were just going to provide your own picture for the room I wouldn't have sent you the banner in the first place. oPo But, whatever.

That said, I'm hoping everyone's enjoying the updated room. I thought non-swimming aquatic creatures were getting the short end of the stick, and so I brought this here room up to modern standards.

Unknown said...

Pirate-Rob: I never did either, but now that it's been revamped, I think I'll have a blast with some more aquatic breeds and agents. Well done with the updates, Grendel Man!

Grendel Man: Your banner is included in the download. I wasn't positive how images were going to be used on the site until the last minute. Didn't mean to leave out your work on the site, but hopefully those who download it are able to see an example of what the room can look like with a little sprucing up!

SpringRain said...

Thanks Grendel Man. I adore what you've done with the place. :D Thanks for your hard work and all the edits you performed. I'm sure many of the non swimming creatures will love it! (Along with their Hands).

Nirax said...

Always enjoyed this room but barely ever used, mainly due to the C3 part. It's really nice seeing revamps, shaking more life into things.
Very much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

I'm just going to get this and shove a ton of aquatic life into it now.

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