CCSF 2012 Day 2: Around the Community

The CCSF 2012 has gotten off to a wonderful start, with many visitors to the site commenting and rating the different posts! Although this site will be the hub of activity for the Creatures community over the next two weeks, there are many other areas of the community to check out. Make sure to check out all of the Links! There are several other important activities and features to take note of, such as the following:
  • Ask Laura: Our beloved Laura agreed to take on a feverish number of questions during the CCSF, and now Ask Laura is being updated often! Check out some of the best advice for Norns, Grendels, Ettins, and even Hands! Word has it that Laura has some of the most humorous, witty advice out there. Check back during the Creatures Community Spirit Festival 2012 to read some important advice!
  • CC Chat: There is no better way to celebrate the CCSF 2012 than by connecting with other Creatures fans! Whether you have a question, want to discuss some CCSF releases, or just want to chat with others, make sure to stop by the CC Chat for a great time! Many members are online throughout the day, so feel free to pop in, regardless of your time zone. Enjoy, and start chatting away!
  • Creatures Tumblr: Panda-Mist brought up an interesting idea for a Creatures Tumblr, and she's now searching for content to add! This is a great way to attract potential new players, so make sure to reply with anything you may have to help out. Fan art would be an excellent start, but remember that content and images can also come from in-game!
  • Wikipedia: We all know about the wonderful Creatures Wiki, which contains a vast amount of information about everything related to Creatures. Malkin went a step further, and updated the page for Creatures on Wikipedia. The additional citations, references, and links for further reading have now filled it in better than ever! Hopefully this will end up attracting new players and providing tons of information!


Rascii said...

Is there any way you can post the Creatures Minecraft previews somewhere for those of us without Creaturetopia accounts?

Unknown said...

Rascii: The previews I mentioned are from the early work on the Minecraft world. I have a feeling things may have changed since then: What I can do, however, is post some screenshots of the Creatures Minecraft world, if anyone would be so kind as to send them in! I may look into including some of the referenced preview shows on Creaturetopia: Just want to make sure they're still representative of the final project. Great suggestion!

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