CCSF 2012 Day 2: Survivor Coconut Dolly

Created by Ghosthande for C3/DS (Agent)

When the Creatures Caves Survivor game concluded in September 2012, Coconut Dolly went home to the winner, Jessica. After spending some time on the beach with Jessica, Coconut Dolly is now ready to make the journey into everyone's worlds! She can be interacted with, and induces Creatures to say something interesting. From coconuts and bananas, Coconut Dolly is made of every material a true survivor would need!

Download Survivor Coconut Dolly (38 KB RAR File)

From Jessica: "Thanks to Rascii for hosting Survivor at Creatures Caves, and to everyone who participated! It was a blast keeping Coconut Dolly to myself, but I hope she will fare well everywhere she goes. Enjoy!"


Pirate-Rob said...

You really want to give away your prise just like that? Really generous!

Daniel Hudson said...

Thanks so much Jessica!

Unknown said...

Pirate-Rob: I figured Coconut Dolly had put up with enough of my craziness. I had a blast knowing I was the only one with her for a time, but I'm much happier to pass her along and let everyone enjoy her!

C-Rex: You're very welcome! I wouldn't have won without the participation of so many... In the end, everyone was a winner in my book!

SpringRain said...

I wonder if Coconut Dolly would be willing to mother some of the Norns I got from the CreatureLink exchange the same way she did in your DS Blog. n.n Hehe. Thanks Jessica, you're very kind to share her when you won her fair and square. <3

Unknown said...

SpringRain: My youngsters got a kick out of Coconut Dolly, and it seems like she enjoys keeping them company. Maybe she was a lifeguard in another life? Ha ha! And of course, you're welcome! Didn't want to keep her hostage for too long. Ha!

Nirax said...

Thanks for sharing :)
Hehe, this is really cute! I love the idea of a toy being crafted out of natural items, but there's also quite some humor to it (at least I find the banana ears really funny XD ).

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