CCSF 2012 Day 4: Chrissie the Overachiever

Drawn by SpringRain

In every Creatures world, there is always that one Norn, Grendel, or Ettin who must go above and beyond the rest! This piece of fan art was inspired by a post at SpringRain's Creatures Blog: Someone better find an Albian fire extinguisher, just in case, for this drawing!

Download Chrissie the Overachiever (260 KB RAR File)

From SpringRain: "Chrissie had to outdo all the other Norns with everything; Even to the extent of self-peril. This is sort of a little joke about one of my Creatures 1 Norns, who gave birth to a fully grown Santa Norn. I found it rather amusing and this image popped into my head. I'm hoping it may give some other Creatures players a giggle, or at least a twitch of a smile."


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