CCSF 2012 Day 4: Fairyfloss Norns

Created by Generalflame for C3/DS (Norn Breed)

Enjoy the first brand new Norn breed of the CCSF 2012: The Fairyfloss Norns! Some may remember the Creatures Caves Preview posted not too long ago. This breed features unique purple coloring, stripes, and a generally adorable appearance! These Norns fit in perfectly among the flowers, and everywhere!

Download the Fairyfloss Norns (2.5 MB RAR File)

From Generalflame: "The only special thing about these Norns is the new sprites. They have basic DS CFE genetics and are unremarkable in every way except that they are purple and striped. In the case that anyone would like to use them as a base for another breed or play with their genetics, that is alright by me."

IMPORTANT: The Fairyfloss Norns use Norn Slot Z, which is used by the Pink Alba Norns. There is a known issue where the first few eggs hatched may appear as Dodgy Norns, though everything should be all set afterwards.

Adult Female (Left) and Male (Right) Fairyfloss Norns


ylukyun said...

Wow. Thank you for making these, Generalflame! I think they'll breed well with Apple Norns.

Silvak said...

YES! Thank you! I've been waiting for these for years! It's good that you have gotten around to finishing them.

SpringRain said...

These sprites are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for such adorable Norns! I'll be adding them into my worlds for sure. Ylukyun is right - the combinations of purples, reds and pinks if bred with the apple Norns sounds pretty. Then again, these guys are lovely all on their own.~n.n~

Nirax said...

Maybe not quite my taste, but in either case they sure look amazing! Very cute color combinations and I just love those pony-tails. Excellent work on this high quality breed :)

Anonymous said...

This is one of the prettiest norn breeds i have seen

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