CCSF 2012 Day 5: Creatures 1 COB Limits

Written by Jessica with CrEd32 Created by Kinnison

Although Creatures 3 and Docking Station have the greatest number of agents and add-ons, the first creations began with Creatures 1. These Creatures objects, most commonly known as COBs, allowed players to create and use a myriad of different items and updates. Yet the one feature that has often plagued these COBs is the limited number of times each one may be injected. Not a great way to use these add-ons indefinitely!

Fortunately, there is a solution! Actually, there are multiple ways to address this problem, but I wanted to share one of the easiest methods of alleviating this problem. Special thanks go to Malkin and Ylukyun for recommending this method. The Creatures community has some very knowledgeable players who are always willing to lend a hand. Thanks again! This all centers around the Creatures Editor 32, or CrEd32, which offers the following features:
  • COB Editing: COB Editor, Class Calculator, and Replenish COB Stocks
  • COS Editing: COS Helper and Dynamic Injector
  • Creatures Options: Inject a Creature, Select a Creature, and Norn Autopsy
  • Gene Editing: Gene Editor and Gene Mapper
  • Macro Commands: Check Creatures, Do DDE Command, and Script Xtractor
  • Map Editing: Generate Map of Albia and Convert BMP to Map
  • Sound Options: Sound List and the Norn Phrase Book
  • Sprite Editing: Sprite Viewer, Create New Sprite, and Compile SPR File
Who knew all this could be hiding out in one seemingly simple program? Most of the features are really informative, such as the Norn Autopsy, which truly gives an autopsy-style report when a dead Norn is detected in Creatures 1. The one pertaining to this discussion is the Replenish COB Stocks option. Using this sets the limit of all C1 COBs to 255, and also removes date protection, which is a rarely used COB option that forces it to expire on a certain date. In the end, this means that C1 COBs can be used indefinitely, so long as the limit is reset via the program every now and then! I highly recommend trying out the Creatures Editor 32 for both new and old players.

Be aware that sounds play when the program starts up and shuts down... It all should be familiar, though!

Download the Creatures Editor 32 (640 KB RAR File)

From Jessica: "This program has something for pretty much everyone! I had no idea it existed until Malkin and Ylukyun mentioned its name. It may not be perfect for every application, but just the Replenish COB Stocks option is enough to enjoy it! Kinnison did an excellent job with this program, and I hope that other C1 players find some value in it. I highly suggest trying out the Norn Autopsy option at some point, too!"

IMPORTANT: The Creatures Editor 32 was created by Kinnison long ago. Its only known download is via the internet archives, so its inclusion here is simply to ensure that it is not lost. The original Readme states that one file must be placed in the Windows/System directory, but this program may work simply by moving all files to a single directory. This program is designed to work only with Creatures 1.


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