CCSF 2012 Day 5: Creatures 1 Review

Submitted by Malkin

With well over a decade since the original Creatures game was released, some of the early media content has been lost or completely forgotten. Luckily, this early review of Creatures 1 has been recovered! Read through this informative two page document to find out what Computer Gaming World had to say about the game!

Download the Creatures 1 Review (600 KB PDF File)

From Malkin: "This is a PDF of a review of Creatures 1 from November 1997 (likely a US publication: C1 came out in the US at that time). Reading through it, I had the thought - The more things change, the more they stay the same. It reminded me a lot of my own experiences with C1, and of the C1 Norns at Discover Albia."


Malkin said...

The full citation for this, if anyone would like to find out more is:

Jepsen, Dawn (November 1997). "It's Alive: Creatures Is Bound To Tickle Your Fancy". Computer Gaming World (160): 314-315.

ylukyun said...

What's up with the ball floating in the water? I thought that wasn't possible until C1toDS.

Unknown said...

Malkin: Thanks for posting the full citation! I'm sure it will come in handy for anyone looking for it.

Ylukyun: I thought the same thing! I wonder if this was something in a really early release that was later changed? I had no idea it was possible in C1toDS, though. Always learning something new! Ha ha!

SpaceShipRat said...

You can't put stuff underwater in c1! everything just gets dropped on the surface, as if it were a solid plane.

SpringRain said...

Yeah I drop the ball and other things on top of the ocean when I don't want my Norns to get them. Lol. XD It comes in handy sometimes, though it does tend to ruin the scenery.

A bunch of items floating in the sea isn't too hard to imagine though.

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