CCSF 2012 Day 5: Shee Religion Excerpt

Written by Sam999

The mountainous world featured as today's theme contains multiple data caches, including an excerpt about Shee religion! Although we have seen some glimpses into the culture behind this mysterious species, the interpretation of who they are and how they act is still up for debate. This excerpt provides insight into some possible information behind the Shee religion. Read more about this interesting side of the Shee!

From Sam999: "This is a guide about the three religions of the Albian Shee (Cyberlifogenis Genoformattis):

Entry - Wikipedia Galactica
Sentient Species - Shee
Culture - Religion

Shee have three primarily practiced religions, not counting the now-extinct Caos Mages, following their summoning of the Borland, which drove all those present insane1.
  • The Church of the Grand Stvye, which worships a relatively typical monotheistic entity who "wrote2" the universe into being with the aid of the Cybreoulyth3, a race of demigod-like entities. The primary commandment of the Grand Stvye is to continue to improve upon his/her/its creation.
  • Eggism, believing the universe has yet to truly be born, or rather hatched, and that its egg can be found hovering above the eastern sea4 of Albia.
  • The Menders have the idea that any gods, if they exist, are at fault for poorly designing the universe, and are therefore not to be worshiped as much as blamed. They separate this viewpoint primarily due to the inexplicably disc-shaped nature of Albia5, which has historically limited the Shee living area.
Sentient Species - Shee - Primary Page
Sentient Species - Shee - Culture
Sentient Species - Shee - Biotechnology and Biology
Semi-Sentient Species - Norn - Primary Page6
Planet - Albia - Primary Page
Planet - Sphericus - Primary Page

1 Or possibly more insane, considering they had just attempted to summon an eldritch abomination via the ritualistic sacrifice of a Doozer.
2 Some documents refer to this process as having “coded” the world.
3 Some documents refer to them as the Creatauri-Labeth.
4 A gigantic statue of an Eggist priest in full ceremonial egg-tooth mask has been erected below its location.
5 For further information on the intriguing phenomenon of Albia’s flatness we have absolutely no credible idea.
6 WARNING – Said page has been known to trigger cuteness overload. Do not view if you or your species is vulnerable to said hazard.


Spaceshiprat said...

I love Sam's writings XD

SpringRain said...

Extremely entertaining and well thought-out. I really enjoyed this insight into the Shee religions!

Tikara said...

That was about the best thing I've read in a while. X3

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