CCSF 2012 Day 5: A Mountain Path

Written by Jessica as Part of the Shee Journey Series

My mind was abuzz with information, now that we had our first real Norns aboard. The genetic testing was fascinating, with clear indications that the original Shee creations had adapted to survive. I was so caught up in running another set of data, that I nearly jumped when my assistants tapped me to point out the window. The spacecraft had found another planet, and my hyper-focused mind had completely tuned out the notices. With a trusted cup of tea in hand, I watched the vessel slowly disappear as it hurtled toward the world below. Preliminary scans indicated enormous mountain ranges, which all seemed too steep to support any ground dwelling critters. I drummed my fingers on the console board, and then stopped. I was excited. My serious demeanor was somehow drifting away out here in space.

It was a rather disappointing homecoming when the exploratory vessel indicated no signs of life. Surprisingly, it had discovered several caches of data scattered around the planet. I deduced that this had been the home of an advanced species long ago, or it was simply a world where ships often crashed. As if thinking the same thing, my assistants jumped to the controls and decided to bid the mountainous planet farewell. I had so longed for another great discovery, yet the Ettins and Norns we had already brought aboard were thrilled to be the center of attention. I wondered just how they would be treated once they were brought to my home world.

From Jessica: "The space journey continues on with an interesting planet dotted with enormous mountain ranges. Many may remember the purple mountains from the original Creatures 1! Today will feature a few different sorts of releases, so be sure to stop by for news and updates! The data caches referenced by the Shee may just hold some important information about Creatures and related topics."


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