CCSF 2012 Day 7: Colortrue Grendels

Created by Ylukyun for C3/DS (Grendel Breed)

If the Colortrue Ettins weren't enough, now you can enjoy another species with the same sort of genetics! The Colortrue Grendels feature updated color genetics that allow their colors to mix, rather than being inherited from one parent or the other. This pack includes egg agents for the following colors:

Dark Red

Download the Colortrue Grendels (12 KB RAR File)

From Ylukyun: "These Grendels are inspired by the Spice Norns and based on CFE no mutate Chichi Norns. They have pigment genes moved around, making their colors mix instead of being inherited. They have a slight aversion to Ettins, but do not have a neurotransmitter to make them afraid of or angry at other species. People are welcome to use these files as a base for creating new color varieties."

IMPORTANT: The Jungle Grendel sprites must be installed. Colortrue Grendels should not be mixed with other breeds, as the offspring may be sliders or die. Splices with Colortrue Ettins are possible, though...

Examples of Colotrue Ettin and Colortrue Grendel Mixes (Spliced)


Silvak said...

It appears that Ylukyun is creating a whole series of sub-races. So far the Colortrue Ettins and Grendels can't mix with other breeds, but the can with each other. If Norns are added then we might have to worry about Ylukyun using the Colortrue creatures as an army to take over Sphericus!

SpringRain said...

Show your true colours! :D Mixing these guys with the Ettins certainly gives some interesting results. I'm sure there will be those of us tempted to breed them with other species simply because we're not supposed to. Lol.

Pirate-Rob said...

He I tried mixing colourtrue ettins and normal creatures already and got some odd results and wierd mutations, however I only got 2 walk righters so it's nearly safe to breed them ;)

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