CCSF 2012 Day 8: Under the Sea

Written by Jessica as Part of the Shee Journey Series

My first encounter with the Grendels from the previous day had been rather frightening, and my tea still sloshed over the sides of my mug from time to time. Despite my fear, these were some of the more interesting research subjects. They were so similar to the Norns that were so beloved, yet the ancient Shee must have written them off as a genetic mistake and decided to label them as the enemy. I slipped quietly into the cage room when my assistants were preoccupied. The Grendels were sleeping soundly, eyes twitching with dreams and mouths letting little sighs and snores escape. Our planetary approach forced me to return to my post, yet that moment gave me a glimpse into the future of these Grendels: They would be studied and destroyed, without a second thought. Such a pity.

The beautiful sapphire color shining from beyond the spacecraft brought a feeling of renewed joy. There had to be a way to convince the Shee Intergalactic Research Institute to understand that these Norns, Grendels, and Ettins were far more important than to be used as a means to an end. They appeared to have survived for hundreds of years without the aid of the Shee, and they were scattered throughout the planets. Wasn't that proof enough that there was something special about them? Wasn't the feeling of attachment I had unintentionally developed worth fighting for? Before I could resolve these questions, the vessel started off.

I read through the data reports as they came in. This was an interesting world, consisting almost entirely of endless oceans. The water was hardly devoid of life, and the vessel had a difficult time photographing anything without having its lens obstructed with some aquatic critter or another. I quickly denied its request to send a low level electric shock through the water: I saw no value in it for a simple picture. Suffice to say that the vessel sent back "accidentally" blurry shots before collecting several interesting discoveries. The fact that its indicator panel recommended a water tank told me everything. I wanted a close look at these new additions.

From Jessica: "The CCSF may have already featured a somewhat aquatic world, but today has an even more watery theme! Hopefully worlds have taken shape and been filled with many of the new downloads. For those looking for a few more truly aquatic-themed releases, look no further than the eighth day of the CCSF! Who knows what we will discover beneath the depths of the oceans?"

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Pirate-Rob said...

"accidentally"? The vessel's plotting something!

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