CCSF 2012 Day 9: Creatures 1 World Preview

Created by GirlySatan for C1

We've seen some wonderful metaroom concepts throughout the CCSF, but the Creatures 1 world has been left relatively untouched. However, take a look through some of these preview screenshots of a brand new world in the works! GirlySatan has been hard at work creating all new elements for Creatures 1, from new food sources to entirely new and interesting critters! This project is still in the works, but make sure to check around the community in the coming weeks and months to find out more about it. Crafting a brand new Creatures 1 world has not been done in a long time, and it looks like our Norns and Grendels will have a lot to look forward to! See if you can spot some of the new items, animals, and plants in these preview screenshots!


GirlySatan said...

Oh goodness, seeing it here makes it look so awesome! I'm very excited to get closer and closer to releasing it.
I hope you guys look forward to having the world =)

lilliumbird said...

i love the green sleeping thing in the trees! if only this was for DS as well

Anonymous said...

This looks truly mind blowing!
Seriously well done for creating such a beautiful new concept from an old familiar C1 world. Give yourself a huge pat on the back for creating this :)
Now I have one question albeit it may be a huge task. This world seriously should be ported to C3/DS as it would make a fantastic update to C1toDs.

SpringRain said...

Wow, it looks incredible! It's been a long time since I've seen any new worlds for C1 so this is a really nice surprise. I love the rainbow lemons (?), the wolf thing in the tree, the idea of placing a crocodile in the swampy area and of course the plentiful looking garden.

Dreamy said...

Oh man, I am excited for this now! I'm mainly a C1 player and it's so great to see new content for it! I love this! :D

Pirate-Rob said...

Wow that looks... just wow.

Ar is that my hat I see on the beach?

GirlySatan said...

Indeed it is a pirate hat on the beach!
The sleeping dog thing in the tree is a grendel pet =) He's a wolf like "monster" but he is just super cuddly and lives in the tree to help baby grendels. The kitty sleeping in the kitchen is designed after my kitty Pablo, and he plays with the mouse but doesn't actually hurt him. The garden has much more food than it used to, and the kitchen has much more food that is made fresh and hot for your creatures! Many people will be excited to see some flowers too!
The other thing I wanted to add is a cloud room, which the skybax is flying above. That's why there are strawberries in the clouds =) I also expanded many other rooms, such as the treehouse (added another floor to it, and made some of the current floors bigger), the basement, and added some rooms into the ocean so your creatures can interact with the sealife.
I cant wait to share it with all of you!

ArchDragon said...

Oh wow, this is incredibly exciting. Can't wait to see it finalised.

A special request, in regards to the carrots. One of the things that always bothers me about the default carrots is once eaten they become seedlings which the Norns continue to see as 'food' and try to eat. The seedlings can't be eaten and often confuse the Norns. As updates are already being made to the carrots, is there any chance this seedling issue could be dealt with??

Nirax said...

I don't play C1 that much but it makes me happy seeing things get developed for it. I have a soft spot for ecology in particular, so all of these look especially interesting to me.

Cool idea using various game sprites too, many looks nice but I think that some goes simply perfect along with the original Creatures sprites. Like the pterodactyl and toad! And the Ecco sprites too.

The rainbow lemons are fun. There are some new plants and a hedgehog in the garden as well? :)

GirlySatan said...

ArchDragon, I was going to do that because I always had an issue with that too! I felt bad for norns that would try to eat it and they couldnt =( So this issue is one of many that I was going to fix!

Nirax, yes! I took many sprites from tons of different games to use in this. I have edited most of them to fit the coloring of the world better, such as Ecco; he was much darker so I brightened him up. I was hoping some would like to see parts of their favorite games in this new world =)

Unknown said...

AAAwww! What cute Cobs <3 I can't wait to play with them, they're adooorable

Muppetboy of Geatville said...

Good to see my Banana Tree scripts are being put to good use, and that people are still enjoying Creatures 1 twenty years on. Good work :)

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