CCSF 2012 Day 9: Pacman Ettins

Created by TAB for C3/DS (Ettin Breed)

A dream world can be filled with all sorts of creations, but one of the more interesting are the Pacman Ettins! These unique Ettins look like floating heads who are always after some fruit, just like the real Pacman!

Download the Pacman Ettins (132 KB RAR File)

From TAB: "This is a genetic Ettin breed. They are yellow and have a permanently happy expression, but the most notable feature is their Nano Norn parts, making them look like floating heads or semi circles. Their ideal diet consists of fruit, as they are programmed to eat this and will get all their nutrients from it. Seeds and food are useless to them. In temperament they are nothing special, and should get on well with other Creatures."

IMPORTANT: The Desert Ettins and Nano Norns must be installed in order to properly view the Pacman Ettins. They are based on the CFE Bengal Norn genome, so should only be bred with other CFE Creatures.


MK-Grendel said...

i have used the nano norns in many different ways, but normaly i removed their feeds :D

oh there should b e also some colored grendel heads red one called blinky pink one called pinky blue one called inky and orange one called clyde!

Mioonktoo said...

This was the last thing I saw before the cable went out this morning and I've been giggling at random about it all day. I'm tempted to attempt making a hairbow for the ladies to be "Ms. Pacman." xD

Nirax said...

Ahaha, these are plain hilarious, I love them XD
Always happy, sliding along the ground, eating fruit almost their own size...
(In a way I guess they’re a bit creepy too but... no, they're too funny for that).

ylukyun said...

I have two of these in DS now and HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

They don't seem to be able to move on slopes?

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