CCSF 2012 Day 11: Creatures 1 Grorns

Created by Jessica for C1 (Norn Breed)

It's a Norn! It's a Grendel! No: It's a Grorn! These Creatures 1 Grorns, originally thought up by Lis Morris, introduce Grendel body data and sprite files to Norn breed slot 9. In essence, this is the closest to inter-species breeding in C1! Grorns may be brought into a C1 world via the Genetics Kit. They include all of the updated Grendel files, available at Discover Albia.

Download the C1 Grorns (200 KB RAR File)

From Jessica: "There were several requests to bring my Grendel updates to a Grorn breed, so I am happy to release these! Please note that some body parts may not line up exactly, due to differences in Grendels and Norns. I'm working on some Norn updates, though..."

IMPORTANT: These body data and sprite files will overwrite any other breed currently in use in Norn breed slot 9. Please make sure to backup any files before installing. Grorns may look exactly like Grendels, but they will sound and act like Norns, in order for players to be able to breed Grorns with other Norns. Grorns will not be able to breed with Grendels. Body parts that do not line up perfectly should still function properly.


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