CCSF 2012 Day 6: Daily Comic by Pirate-Rob

Created by Pirate-Rob

Someone has a bit of a devious mindset when it comes to injecting C1 COBs! However, maybe a multitude of deathcap mushrooms could give rise to an occasion to use the Norn autopsy feature of CrEd32!

CCSF 2012 Day 6: Chance Mushrooms

Created by Doringo for C3/DS (Agent)
Coding Help from Papriko and Ghosthande

The jungle can be a dangerous place, filled with unknown objects. The Chance Mushrooms pop out of a vendor... But what they actually contain is a mystery! Each time one is vended, it can either contain alcohol, glycotoxin, prostaglandin, or Vitamin C. It all comes down to chance! Will your Norns, Grendels, and Ettins become ill? Or will they find that the Chance Mushrooms are a welcome new treat? Download this new agent and see! The download includes the following files:

Chance Mushrooms Agent
Chance Mushrooms Readme

Download the Chance Mushrooms (24 KB RAR File)

From Doringo: "A mysterious vendor found in the depths of the jungle world seems to vend colorful mushrooms that sicken or heal Norns. The mushrooms are classified as fruit and will nourish Norns as if they have eaten a fruit object. It can either make Norns drunk, give them some glycotoxin, or give them prostaglandin or Vitamin C. Thanks a lot to Papriko for helping me code this, and to Ghosthande. I did the sprites myself in Blender."

IMPORTANT: The Chance Mushrooms will only work in Docking Station, or in a C3/DS docked world. It will not work in a standalone Creatures 3 world.

CCSF 2012 Day 6: Around the Community

The CCSF 2012 is now in full swing, with plenty of downloads for everyone! There are still many new releases to come, yet the rest of the community has been very active lately. One of the benefits of bringing the Creatures community together during the festival is the awesome number of other activities and events! As always, thanks to everyone for making these first days amazing! Check out some of the following things going on around the community:
  • CC Chat: Stop by the CC Chat for a great place to chat with other Creatures fans! Have some fun getting answers to your questions and just chatting with members of one of the best online communities.
  • Gene Comparisons: Malkin recently wrote several posts at the Creatures Development Blog focused on genetic differences. Make sure to read on for an interesting analysis about some of the C3/DS breeds!
  • Halo in DS: Ghosthande has a surprise in store for fans of the Halo series! With the release of Halo 4 today, now Creatures can enjoy Halo in DS with this wonderful new wearable agent!
  • New Metaroom Concept: We've seen a few ideas for metarooms during the CCSF, but Nina (Elthar) has come up with another excellent New Metaroom Concept. Enjoy taking a look and sharing ideas!
  • Redone Personality Test: Some may remember an older Creatures quiz designed as a fun personality test. There is now talk of a Redone Personalty Test. Share some of your thoughts!
  • Short Story: Frogman posted several installments in a very interesting Short Story at Creatures Caves! Emerge has begun to take shape as many follow along. Join in, and don't miss out!

CCSF 2012 Day 6: Primordia Redux

Created by Ghosthande for DS (Metaroom)

Hidden beneath the jungle, a prehistoric type of world was uncovered during today's journey! Primordia Redux is a new metaroom for C3/DS that features a wonderful area for Banshee Grendels, as well as other Grendels. Not only is it a large region, but it also boats a myriad of different critters and plant life to truly make it a new experience! Some may remember the original Primordia, yet this expands upon it exponentially. Included in the download are the following:

Primordia Redux Agent
Primordia Redux Banner
Primordia Redux Readme

Download Primordia Redux (5 MB RAR File)

This metaroom includes many new features geared towards providing Grendels with a new place to call their own, some of which include the following:
  • Fungoo: Fruit Bearing Plant
  • Lept: Critter
  • Macefly: Bug
  • Mossvine: Seed Bearing Weed
  • Puffpop: Hazardous Toy
  • Swirlyshroom: Toy

From Ghosthande: "Primordia Redux is like the old Primordia metaroom, but updated and re-made with new graphics, coding, and original concepts that didn't make it into the 2008 version. In other words, it has basically everything I wanted to do the first time around, but didn't have the time, knowledge, or skills to attempt. Primordia Redux uses the same coordinates as the original Primordia, in order to save map space."

IMPORTANT: Primordia Redux will only work in Docking Station, or in a C3/DS docked world. It will not work in a standalone Creatures 3 world. It also uses the same coordinates as the original Primordia, so only one may be used at a time. Finally, if you have the old Primordia catalogue file, make sure to remove it before injecting the new version. This will allow the most up-to-date agent descriptions to be available.

CCSF 2012 Day 6: In the Land of the Jungle

Written by Jessica as Part of the Shee Journey Series

I found it difficult to focus on the spacecraft's computers: This next planet would take us further from home than ever, and it should have felt like a true step for advancement. It was impossible to keep a decent sleep schedule, yet my glossy eyes were a clear sign that I had experienced troubled sleep. I glanced forlornly at my cup of tea, which had cooled to a dangerously low temperature. My assistants had the courtesy to leave me in peace... I could hardly tell them that I thought our cargo hold held more than mere research specimens. With a ragged sigh, I peered out into the great empty expanse of space. The outline of a planet was just coming into view. I almost felt a pang of guilt, as if taking any more Norns, Grendels, and Ettins would be cruel. I brushed aside the strange thoughts quickly.

This planet was one that the Shee Intergalactic Research Institute had warned me against. Most of it was a deep, dark jungle with questionable forms of life. I was only too glad to send the exploratory vessel into the green murkiness... Better it than me. There was the fleeting moment when it seemed like it had become lost near a tangled canopy of trees. My heart fluttered, for this would give me extra time to spend with the Norns and Ettins. Research subjects, of course. This was all in the name of Shee research. Nothing more. Yet the vessel reappeared on the radar screen, and seemed to defiantly sneer at me from the planet's surface. Cheeky.

From Jessica: "Welcome to the jungle! Danger and death are often associated with the jungles from the Creatures series, though they offer much more... If one is willing to take the chance! The sixth day of the CCSF will be full of surprises, just as the Shee from the main storyline seems to have a surprise or two. Thanks to everyone for making the CCSF 2012 such an interactive experience! Keep on commenting, rating, and downloading!"
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