CCSF 2012 Day 6: Chance Mushrooms

Created by Doringo for C3/DS (Agent)
Coding Help from Papriko and Ghosthande

The jungle can be a dangerous place, filled with unknown objects. The Chance Mushrooms pop out of a vendor... But what they actually contain is a mystery! Each time one is vended, it can either contain alcohol, glycotoxin, prostaglandin, or Vitamin C. It all comes down to chance! Will your Norns, Grendels, and Ettins become ill? Or will they find that the Chance Mushrooms are a welcome new treat? Download this new agent and see! The download includes the following files:

Chance Mushrooms Agent
Chance Mushrooms Readme

Download the Chance Mushrooms (24 KB RAR File)

From Doringo: "A mysterious vendor found in the depths of the jungle world seems to vend colorful mushrooms that sicken or heal Norns. The mushrooms are classified as fruit and will nourish Norns as if they have eaten a fruit object. It can either make Norns drunk, give them some glycotoxin, or give them prostaglandin or Vitamin C. Thanks a lot to Papriko for helping me code this, and to Ghosthande. I did the sprites myself in Blender."

IMPORTANT: The Chance Mushrooms will only work in Docking Station, or in a C3/DS docked world. It will not work in a standalone Creatures 3 world.

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SpringRain said...

I've placed these in the jungle with my very first group of Black Dragon Grendels. :) Just to make it a bit more spooky.

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