CCSF 2012 Day 4: Daily Comic by Pirate-Rob

Created by Pirate-Rob

Apparently someone missed out on the memo between a Norn puppet and a real Norn in this latest CCSF comic!

CCSF 2012 Day 4: Fairyfloss Norns

Created by Generalflame for C3/DS (Norn Breed)

Enjoy the first brand new Norn breed of the CCSF 2012: The Fairyfloss Norns! Some may remember the Creatures Caves Preview posted not too long ago. This breed features unique purple coloring, stripes, and a generally adorable appearance! These Norns fit in perfectly among the flowers, and everywhere!

Download the Fairyfloss Norns (2.5 MB RAR File)

From Generalflame: "The only special thing about these Norns is the new sprites. They have basic DS CFE genetics and are unremarkable in every way except that they are purple and striped. In the case that anyone would like to use them as a base for another breed or play with their genetics, that is alright by me."

IMPORTANT: The Fairyfloss Norns use Norn Slot Z, which is used by the Pink Alba Norns. There is a known issue where the first few eggs hatched may appear as Dodgy Norns, though everything should be all set afterwards.

Adult Female (Left) and Male (Right) Fairyfloss Norns

CCSF 2012 Day 4: Chrissie the Overachiever

Drawn by SpringRain

In every Creatures world, there is always that one Norn, Grendel, or Ettin who must go above and beyond the rest! This piece of fan art was inspired by a post at SpringRain's Creatures Blog: Someone better find an Albian fire extinguisher, just in case, for this drawing!

Download Chrissie the Overachiever (260 KB RAR File)

From SpringRain: "Chrissie had to outdo all the other Norns with everything; Even to the extent of self-peril. This is sort of a little joke about one of my Creatures 1 Norns, who gave birth to a fully grown Santa Norn. I found it rather amusing and this image popped into my head. I'm hoping it may give some other Creatures players a giggle, or at least a twitch of a smile."

CCSF 2012 Day 4: A Bouquet of a World

Written by Jessica as Part of the Shee Journey Series

Nervous tension had worked its way into my thoughts, and I felt rather strained. I could tell the Shee Intergalactic Research Institute was not entirely convinced that I would find anything... The Ettins were virtually ignored, and I got the distinct feeling that there would be no use for them back on my home planet. My tension was everywhere: Even my usually perfect cup of tea had a decidedly acidic taste to it, and my assistants were careful to avoid contact with me. As we approached the next planet on our journey, I felt weary. It was only a few days, yet a Shee loses hope rather quickly. Embarrassment was something that never went over exceptionally well. Still, I sent the vessel on its way with a glimmer of hope. This planet was teeming with life. Surely some being was living on the surface.

Reports immediately began to trickle back, not so much with images, but with smells. This was a world of every type of flower: The air was thick with a delicious perfume that struck a chord with me. I nearly broke out a smile, but again, I held onto my somber demeanor. Though this was the most promising world I had seen, it was still unclear whether there was anything more than fragrant flowers on the surface. Then, the alarms buzzed to life and the ship was awash in warning lights: A Norn. The dejected feeling left my spirit in one breath, and I was immersed in excited wonder. This was it: One of the main goals of my mission. Had I discovered the long lost Norns?

From Jessica: "Judging by the story for today, it looks like we should be expecting an interesting release at some point! The theme of the fourth day centers around a floral world, where beautiful colors and fragrant flowers grow every which way. Creatures is all about creation and growth: Celebrate the CCSF 2012 today by making sure your worlds are fully stocked with flowers, plants, and life of every type!"
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