CCSF 2012 Day 12: Space Travel Contest Poll

One of the main features of the CCSF 2012 has been the use of a mysterious spacecraft during the story. An activity open to all was a contest to design some sort of Shee spacecraft. Have a look through the three awesome entries, and cast your vote to determine the winner! No matter who wins, these three entries are quite amazing, and a special thanks goes out to each creator for taking the time to enter and contribute more to the CCSF!

Who should win the Space Travel Contest?

Marvolo323's Entry

This ship was designed by a brilliant Shee, if a bit of an oddball one, and it is built for extreme speed. It is used by the race for long-range charting, scanning, and even high-priority cargo deployments.
  • A) Cargo/equipment hatch with manual control wheel
  • B) Main generator sphere
  • C) Rotational flux generator for interstellar travel. "Flips" the ship across the tremendous distances between the stars by twisting spacetime using a combination of tremendous rotational speeds on the arm, xenological substances from Sphericus and Shee technology.
  • D) Forward FTL guide wings. Used for course control during interstellar flights by interfering with the gravitational surge generated at such tremendous speeds.
  • E) Pilot's quarters
  • F) Rear FTL guide fins. Mainly for stabilization.
  • G) Standard-space ion drive exhaust.
  • H) Heat exchange unit.

Nirax's Entry

Sam999's Entry

Shee Starship Woodworking Model: A wooden model of a Shee exploration star ship of the sort used for the whole voyage between the new worlds.

CCSF 2012 Day 12: Desert Feral Run

Submitted by Kitty Tikara for C3/DS

Add some new Creatures to your world with these desert feral run survivors! The following are included:

Grendels (Four from Generations 21-22)
Plant Norns (Three from Generations 30-31)

Download the Desert Feral Creatures (406 KB RAR File)

From Kitty Tikara: "The Plant Norns require nothing but light and a little water to grow, so they were perfect for the desert. I'd never really used them for very much, but they turned out to be the most hardy of all the Creatures. The Metallophagus Grendels are there because the ones from the technological world were over populated and needed a new place to live."

IMPORTANT: The Plant Norns are required in order to view the sprites of these Norns correctly.

CCSF 2012 Day 12: Shee Design Contest Poll

A mystery that has always surrounded the Creatures series is the exact appearance of the Shee! One CCSF 2012 activity centered around this question. Have a look at the three entries, and vote for the one who you believe should be declared the winner! Excellent work by those who took the time to enter this contest! It's certainly wonderful to see how fans interpret the Shee, which is a species always up for new designs.

Who should win the Shee Design Contest?

Nirax's Entry

Sam999's Entry

Ylukyun's Entry

Normal Shee nowadays make up the majority of Shee, spanning a variety of social classes and professions. Those of the upper class by birth or who have done well for themselves typically associate with the ruler Shee and sometimes marry into the ruling class but there is an undercurrent of both resentment and contempt towards them. They have a somewhat humanoid anatomy and physiology, standing average 6'0" for males and 6'2" for females who have longer limbs. They have a slender build with a little muscle and fat, strong bones and long fingers. Skin tones range in color from dark blues, greens and purples to pale gray or white. Hair is usually blue or yellow and lightens with age. Highly intelligent and very eccentric by human standards, Shee are stereotyped as being socially awkward, but this applies only to a minority, most of whom are scientists and inventors. Attitudes towards Norns and Ettins vary, with Grendels being seen as beasts.

Ruler Shee are essentially the same as the Normal Shee but are noticeably different in both appearance and personality, the former being due to millennia of inbreeding for coveted "beauty" traits - as a result of this, they stand on average 6'6", with extremely elongated head and neck, slender to the point of being frail (something they cover up by having extremely large robes) and pale skin. Due to this inbreeding many are prone to genetic disorders and they tend to have almost hollow, very weak bones. Conceited, narcissistic and nepotistic, the statues around Albia are created in the distorted "image" of various Ruler Shee and their mythological "ancestors". Most are idle or concerned with the problems they have created for themselves, though when a Ruler Shee decides to become a scientist, misery ensues for all involved. Norns and Ettins are both viewed by these Shee as different kinds of slaves, little more thought is given. Many keep Grendels as pets, but often kill them if they become difficult.

"Drone" Shee are a subspecies of Shee that evolved in Albia's deepest caverns. They have extremely large eyes with widely dilating pupils and striking purple irises. Completely hairless, stocky, and muscular, standing around 5'6" for both males and females. When other Shee began to explore deeper underground, they captured the Drones. Those that did not die of surface diseases became slaves and this continued for centuries. During this period any fraternizing with these Drones by other Shee was forbidden but nonetheless some interbreeding occurred especially by the lower classes who often mingled with slaves. Drone Shee on average are less intelligent and more docile than other Shee, as these traits were selected for slave breeding. The first Ettins were created with modified Drone Shee DNA - they are the children of Drones. After this most Drones were wiped out, considered to be unnecessary. Some (mostly half-castes) survived the targeted biological weapons and decades later their descendants gained full civil rights as well as reparations. However they are widely despised and scapegoated. Interbreeding is quietly frowned upon, and does not typically occur except among the very lowest classes. Drone Shee typically work in low skill, hazardous jobs that require more care and attention than an Ettin could (or would) provide. Drone Shee get along very well with Norns and often keep them as pets. The Norns don't mind the lower living standard as they are treated with more respect. They regard Ettins with great suspicion as well as disgust, and vice versa. Some have an affinity for Grendels.

CCSF 2012 Day 12: The Four Runes

Created by Doringo for C3/DS (Agent)

The ruins of a desert world hold many secrets, and this discovery is no different! The Four Runes are a collection of agents. Included in the download are the following:

Heart Rune (Teleportation)
Light Rune (Education)
Pestilence Rune (Infection)
Water Rune (Medication)

Download the Four Runes (298 KB RAR File)

From Doringo: "These four runes were excavated from one of the many ruins of the desert world. The runes are Water, Light, Pestilence, and Heart. Each does something related to its name."

CCSF 2012 Day 12: The Desert Sands

Written by Jessica as Part of the Shee Journey Series

Days of staring at star maps and endlessly hailing our home world had led to absolutely nothing. We were lost, and it was time to decide what to do. This journey had to continue, yet we had two paths before us. One was to try to return home with all of the Creatures and findings. My youngest assistant was certain he recognized a small star system, which might bring us home. The other option was the more extreme... I had grown attached to these Norns, Grendels, and Ettins. They were thousands, perhaps even millions, of miles from their homes. What would become of them if we brought them back? I had the distinct feeling that the institute would treat them more as research subjects than actual living beings. Fortunately, my assistants seemed to agree. We headed off into the unknown...

Naturally, my tea brewing had suffered from my stress. I spent the better part of one morning crafting a special cup of the delicious beverage for myself, and I even found a few Creatures who seemed to appreciate its warm flavor. My serious exterior had melted away, and I found myself less drawn to my research notes than to the simple activities of interacting with these Creatures. However, the ship alerted us all to the presence of a nearby planet. With no idea where we were, I knew we had to stop. I cringed, for this was a desert planet. I remembered the ordeal with the sand, and resigned myself to put up with it a second time.

The vessel easily could have reached the surface on its own, but I secretly enjoyed these planetary visits. I bid farewell to everyone aboard, and promised a quick return. There was very little I expected to find in such a dry, arid world. Indeed, the yellows and browns quickly blurred into one boring image outside the window. I actually spotted what looked like a colony of Creatures, which brought unexpected surprise to me. In such a bland place seemingly devoid of life, how could life exist? I let the vessel guide itself so I could get a closer look. I only had a split second to register the collision alert before the world went black...

From Jessica: "After the ordeal with the black hole, one may have assumed that the Shee would not endure any more problems. On this desert world, it seems that we may have lost our main character... Stay tuned for the last few chapters! The twelfth day of the CCSF is set on a desert world. What does a desert hold? Beneath all that sand, one never knows! Check back throughout the day for more!"
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