CCSF 2012 Day 14: A Final Thanks & Survey

As we close out the Creatures Community Spirit Festival this year, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone once again! It was a pleasure to have so much going on this year, and to see the community so active is always wonderful. Great job to everyone! We had a ton of submissions this year: It was difficult to live up to the CCSF 2011, but hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves! Here is a list of everyone who helped out or contributed in some way:

C-Rex | Don | Doringo | Generalflame | Ghosthande | GirlySatan | Grendel Man | Kitty Tikara
Laura | Lauren | Liam | Malkin | Marvolo323 | Mea | MK-Grendel | Moe
Nirax | Papriko | Pirate-Rob | Sam999 | SpringRain | Steve Grand | TAB | Terra | Ylukyun

If that doesn't show how strong our community still is, I don't know what does! Thanks again for voting me in as the coordinator this year. I hope I lived up to expectations and made the last two weeks exciting for all sorts of Creatures fans! And so ends another wonderful festival, though I hope the community spirit continues to live strongly until the next CCSF! See everyone next year at the CCSF 2013!

CCSF 2012 Day 14: Activity Winners

We had some great contest polls over the last few days, with some excellent entries to many of the activities! After many votes, it's time to announce the winners of each activity, as well as the prizes!

Caption Contest Winner: Sam999

Prize: Harlequin Norn Doll

Congratulations to Sam999, who won with 20/30 votes (66%)!

Logic Puzzle Winners

Prizes: Unique Norns Distributed After the CCSF

First Place: Ghosthande
Second Place: Silvak
Third Place: Steelfoot
Fourth Place: Malkin

Shee Design Contest Winner: Nirax

Prize: Bondi Norn Doll

Congratulations to Nirax, who won with 43/53 votes (81%)!

Space Travel Contest Winner: Nirax

Prize: CCSF Globe

Congratulations to Nirax, who won with 25/50 votes (50%)!
This special globe changes its appearance as it spins around, showing off all different sorts of worlds that will hopefully always remind one of the CCSF 2012!

Wolfing Run Challenge Winner: Silvak

Prize: Genie Lamp

First Place: Minnie (Silvak)
Second Place: Nirax (Youki)
Third Place: Sam999 (Zack)
Fourth Place: SpringRain (Silaeca)

Greatest Participation Winners: Nirax and Sam999

Prize: Rubriks Cheese

Congratulations to Nirax and Sam999, who entered and participated in the most activities during the CCSF 2012!

IMPORTANT: Winners are welcome to do whatever they like with their prizes! They may be hoarded, shared with a few, or made available for all. Just make sure to give Ghosthande credit for creating them!

CCSF 2012 Day 14: Prizes for All

As a special thanks to everyone who took part in the CCSF 2012 in some way, here are a couple of wonderful prizes to enjoy! Both are C3/DS agents created by the generous and talented Ghosthande. Enjoy!

Download the Norn Nip (5 KB RAR File) | Download the Purple Mountain Norn Doll (72 KB RAR File)

CCSF 2012 Day 14: Chione

Created by Mea for C3/DS (Metaroom)

What better way to celebrate a frozen world than to actually bring one to your game? Chione is a gigantic icy-themed metaroom that has been discussed at Creatures Caves for a long time, with the original idea coming from Sam999. Many have helped with this project, and this initial version should give those cold weather Creatures something to enjoy and claim as their brand new home, with plenty of space!

Download Chione (12.4 MB RAR File)

From Mea: "This is just the very basic version of the room without the teleporters and door. There will probably be an add-on pack later that will include the teleporters and door for getting around and into Chione."
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