CCSF 2012 Day 2: Daily Comic by Pirate-Rob

Created by Pirate-Rob

Pirate-Rob has started off on the right note by participating in one of the Activities, but he's up to his usual games of torture! Comics never get a rest, even during the CCSF 2012. Yet it seems like the Creature Beats are a hit!

CCSF 2012 Day 2: Aquanornia Revamped

Updated by Grendel Man for C3/DS (Metaroom)

Creatures who enjoy the beach and going for a swim now have a new place to call home! Aquanornia Revamped includes a plethora of updates to the original metaroom. Explore the three underwater levels, or let your Norns, Grendels, and Ettins enjoy a vacation on the shore! Although the area is empty, this simply opens up the opportunity for customization through other agents. Create a wonderful aquatic metaroom with Aquanornia Revamped! Included in the download are the following:

Aquanornia Revamped Agent
Aquanornia Revamped Banner
Aquanornia Revamped Readme

Download Aquanornia Revamped (1.8 MB RAR File)

From Grendel Man: "The original Aquanornia was made by Jennie, and I merely updated it. It is one of the oldest aquatic metarooms around, and one of the few that's receptive to non-swimming creatures. I should note that really large creatures, like the Sabertooth Norns, might have some difficulty navigating the room since the ceiling is a bit low in some places. The updates included with this revamp are as follows (more information in the Readme):
  • The room now injects into all game combinations: C3 standalone, DS standalone, and DS docked.
  • The room has been remapped slightly.
  • The wooden platform is now semi-permeable, allowing some objects to fall through it.
  • Grendels who try to ride the lift to the level immediately below the platform won't teleport up a floor.
  • The uppermost aquatic level is a little more navigable.
  • All of the C3 life within the room has been removed, as have the cheese machines.
  • CA has been added. Light and heat varies depending on the time of day.
  • The levels of the room connected by lifts have been linked up.
  • The lifts themselves have recieved Vampess's edits.
  • The doors have been recoded and the autokill error that plagued the original DS doors has been fixed.
  • The camera won't jump to the doors should a creature use one.
  • Both the DS and C3 versions of the room have a favorite place icon."

IMPORTANT: Aquanornia Revamped works in all combinations of worlds (C3, C3/DS, and DS) but Creatures 3 must be installed, because it draws some of its resources from this game, such as the elevator sprites.

CCSF 2012 Day 2: Around the Community

The CCSF 2012 has gotten off to a wonderful start, with many visitors to the site commenting and rating the different posts! Although this site will be the hub of activity for the Creatures community over the next two weeks, there are many other areas of the community to check out. Make sure to check out all of the Links! There are several other important activities and features to take note of, such as the following:
  • Ask Laura: Our beloved Laura agreed to take on a feverish number of questions during the CCSF, and now Ask Laura is being updated often! Check out some of the best advice for Norns, Grendels, Ettins, and even Hands! Word has it that Laura has some of the most humorous, witty advice out there. Check back during the Creatures Community Spirit Festival 2012 to read some important advice!
  • CC Chat: There is no better way to celebrate the CCSF 2012 than by connecting with other Creatures fans! Whether you have a question, want to discuss some CCSF releases, or just want to chat with others, make sure to stop by the CC Chat for a great time! Many members are online throughout the day, so feel free to pop in, regardless of your time zone. Enjoy, and start chatting away!
  • Creatures Tumblr: Panda-Mist brought up an interesting idea for a Creatures Tumblr, and she's now searching for content to add! This is a great way to attract potential new players, so make sure to reply with anything you may have to help out. Fan art would be an excellent start, but remember that content and images can also come from in-game!
  • Wikipedia: We all know about the wonderful Creatures Wiki, which contains a vast amount of information about everything related to Creatures. Malkin went a step further, and updated the page for Creatures on Wikipedia. The additional citations, references, and links for further reading have now filled it in better than ever! Hopefully this will end up attracting new players and providing tons of information!

CCSF 2012 Day 2: Survivor Coconut Dolly

Created by Ghosthande for C3/DS (Agent)

When the Creatures Caves Survivor game concluded in September 2012, Coconut Dolly went home to the winner, Jessica. After spending some time on the beach with Jessica, Coconut Dolly is now ready to make the journey into everyone's worlds! She can be interacted with, and induces Creatures to say something interesting. From coconuts and bananas, Coconut Dolly is made of every material a true survivor would need!

Download Survivor Coconut Dolly (38 KB RAR File)

From Jessica: "Thanks to Rascii for hosting Survivor at Creatures Caves, and to everyone who participated! It was a blast keeping Coconut Dolly to myself, but I hope she will fare well everywhere she goes. Enjoy!"

CCSF 2012 Day 2: A Day at the Beach

Written by Jessica as Part of the Shee Journey Series

It was actually a lucky break that my first discovery was from the Ettin species: Shee lore held that they were excellent servants, and I was able to put that idea to the test immediately. It was preposterous to imagine anyone else brewing my tea, however. My assistants had a decidedly uneasy appearance when we locked the Ettins away. Their sad eyes gave me a twinge of guilt, yet the journey had only just begun. A much more pressing concern was the speed at which the spacecraft was traveling at. Suffice to say I was unable to enjoy the same amount of tea and biscuits as I had on solid ground. Fortunately, the next planet on the star map was described as an ideal vacation spot. Although I would never actually get near the surface, it was a comforting thought to think of solid ground again.

The initial scans proved rather disconcerting: This was a vastly aquatic world, with a rather sandy atmosphere. The exploration vessel took an uncharacteristic spill into a large sand barrier just beyond the water's surface. No serious damage was done, but I sent a rather strongly worded report back to the Shee Intergalactic Research Institute. I could only hope that the actual spacecraft was free from this sort of miscalculation. My assistants were more curious than worried: They seemed to be treating this mission as a fun excursion, rather than a serious journey. A stern look was all I could manage. More than ever, I needed them focused.

We anxiously awaited the return of the vessel, which reported that it had picked up a strange being that was not quite Norn, Grendel, nor Ettin. I expected to see some sort of hybrid when the portal opened. Instead, I found myself greeted with a pile of sand. I put the Ettins from the previous day to work, with my assistants managing the situation. In the end, I found sand cascading from every crease in my clothing. Another strongly worded report found its way back home. This certainly was not a Shee creation... The banana solidified that fact.

From Jessica: "Welcome to the second day of the CCSF 2012! Our theme of the day is all about beaches, and some of the ways to incorporate them in a Creatures world. Although C1, C2, and C3/DS don't exactly have true beaches, they can certainly be found throughout the series! Whether you're getting ready for summer or still bidding it farewell, today's releases should bring everything but the sand to your computer!"
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