CCSF 2012 Day 9: Daily Comic by Pirate-Rob

Created by Pirate-Rob

Looks like a certain new genetic Ettin breed is helping to make a very important point and create a bit of panic...

CCSF 2012 Day 9: Updated Creature Counter

Created by Ghosthande for DS (Agent)

Under any circumstances, particularly in a disorienting dream world, keeping track of the number of Creatures in a world is vitally important! The Updated Creature Counter is more efficient than its original counterpart, and now includes counts for Geats and eggs. Additionally, its position may be easily changed!

Download the Creature Counter (12 KB RAR File)

From Ghosthande: "It is sleeker and more efficient than the original, and displays more information about your Creatures. It now counts Geats and creature eggs, and if you don't like where it injects to, you can just click it once to unlock it, move it wherever you want it, and click it again to lock it back into place."

IMPORTANT: The Updated Creature Counter will only work in Docking Station, or in a C3/DS docked world. It will not work in a standalone Creatures 3 world.

CCSF 2012 Day 9: Creatures 1 World Preview

Created by GirlySatan for C1

We've seen some wonderful metaroom concepts throughout the CCSF, but the Creatures 1 world has been left relatively untouched. However, take a look through some of these preview screenshots of a brand new world in the works! GirlySatan has been hard at work creating all new elements for Creatures 1, from new food sources to entirely new and interesting critters! This project is still in the works, but make sure to check around the community in the coming weeks and months to find out more about it. Crafting a brand new Creatures 1 world has not been done in a long time, and it looks like our Norns and Grendels will have a lot to look forward to! See if you can spot some of the new items, animals, and plants in these preview screenshots!

CCSF 2012 Day 9: Pacman Ettins

Created by TAB for C3/DS (Ettin Breed)

A dream world can be filled with all sorts of creations, but one of the more interesting are the Pacman Ettins! These unique Ettins look like floating heads who are always after some fruit, just like the real Pacman!

Download the Pacman Ettins (132 KB RAR File)

From TAB: "This is a genetic Ettin breed. They are yellow and have a permanently happy expression, but the most notable feature is their Nano Norn parts, making them look like floating heads or semi circles. Their ideal diet consists of fruit, as they are programmed to eat this and will get all their nutrients from it. Seeds and food are useless to them. In temperament they are nothing special, and should get on well with other Creatures."

IMPORTANT: The Desert Ettins and Nano Norns must be installed in order to properly view the Pacman Ettins. They are based on the CFE Bengal Norn genome, so should only be bred with other CFE Creatures.

CCSF 2012 Day 9: Into a Nightmarish Dream

Written by Jessica as Part of the Shee Journey Series

The alarms droned on, while my assistants and I raced from one control panel to another. We were desperate to alter our course, but the sudden appearance of what could only be a black hole had startled everyone. The Norns, Grendels, and Ettins had been hastily locked away, while I gave them words of encouragement. Wide eyed, I knew there was no way to avoid this. Our course had been perfectly clear, though, and the spacecraft had drifted away. The institute would hear plenty about this, provided we survived. Even with the engines whirring away at their highest speed, we were slowly being pulled towards the deep blackness. I gulped down the last of my tea... This could be the end. Completely out of character, I smiled at my assistants. If this was the end, I could not have imagined a better pair of friends.

An odd tingling sensation was all I was aware of for what seemed like hours. Days? There was no way to know. Yet suddenly, I could open my eyes. Everything snapped back to reality, only it all seemed slightly different. My assistants were next to me, also blinking away the daze. Without pause, I turned and eloquently raced for the cage room. As the door opened, I closed my eyes with fear. I could only hope... And then I heard the sounds my ears had been desperate to hear: The Creatures called out to me bewilderingly. Fright had frozen some faces, but all was well. No one had even been injured. Then, it hit me: We were alive, but where were we?

All communication was down, though I told my assistants to keep trying to get back in touch with our home world. I secretly held the one piece of bone chilling evidence: Our coordinates made absolutely no sense. None. It looked like we were in an area of uncharted space, with no way of returning to the areas close to home. Yet I nearly toppled over when I peeked out the window: There was a planet nearby. It was like nothing I had ever seen, and its surface changed each time I looked at it. There was no other option: Perhaps we would find help here, though it was equally likely that we would be met with hostility. What else could I do?

For the first time, I made the decision to ride inside the exploratory vessel. Although I still had trust issues with the blasted thing, I couldn't send it off into an absolutely unknown region. As much as I had despised it and thought it had a mind of its own, there was no other choice. My assistants stayed with the Creatures, while I nervously set forth on my first surface visit. What I found there was hardly much help, yet my mind was set at ease. I even drifted off to sleep on the long voyage... Although I ended up bringing back several specimens, I couldn't shake the feeling that I had completely dreamed it all. Perhaps it was just the strange properties of the planet below.

From Jessica: "Oh dear! Our CCSF voyage seems to have gone off course, thanks to a black hole. Never fear: The dream theme of the day promises to offer a number of interesting releases. The nightmare of day nine seems to have been confined to the black hole incident! Prepare yourself for some fun downloads... And don't forget about the Activities, whose deadlines are approaching very quickly!"
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