CCSF 2012 Day 0: Prequel to a Journey

Written by Jessica as Part of the Shee Journey Series

My life was defined by the Shee Intergalactic Research Institute. Many of my fellow Shee enjoyed a good laugh over tea every now and then, for the idea of intergalactic research was never more than a dream. Until now... My studies were always purely data driven, based on scenarios of our ancestors' creations surviving. Norns were the most prominent, although I also touched upon research about Grendels and Ettins. A final breakthrough in technology provided us with the means to traverse the long forgotten regions where our creations were abandoned. Based on my scientific knowledge and ability to brew the best tea, I was chosen to set off on a course through the stars. My goal would be simple: To gather any surviving beings and bring them back for further research and study at the institute.

None will escape, as it should be. To understand how these Norns, Grendels, and Ettins have survived is paramount to advancing the Shee. It was decided that my crew would consist of only the most vital: The disclaimers and liability forms I signed took days to read through, and even the creators of this spacecraft had some doubts as to its abilities. I will be the proverbial test subject, as I myself gather test subjects. Quite a paradox. The mission will commence tomorrow, with my required daily logs necessary to transmit information back to the Shee Intergalactic Research Institute. The beginning of a new age is at hand. At my hand, truth be told.

From Jessica: "This prequel is the beginning of a short story series that will be released in parts each day. The main goal is to introduce the day with a tie-in to a specific world theme, but there will also be a story woven throughout the CCSF 2012! If it all seems rather mysterious, it should be: The Shee are still very much unknown, and I wanted to make sure that this mystery stayed intact. Enjoy this series!"

CCSF 2012 Day 0: A Warm Welcome

Welcome to the Creatures Community Spirit Festival 2012! Now in its ninth year, the Creatures Community Spirit Festival has always been a wonderful way to celebrate both Creatures and the amazing community that continues to make it thrive. From November 1-14, 2012, the CCSF will deliver daily Creatures downloads and releases!

The theme of the CCSF 2012 is New Worlds. The goal is to explore different ways to enjoy Creatures, through new releases and glimpses into the worlds of other players. Each day will have a specific world as a theme, though everything should still be rather open-ended! Special thanks goes to Laura, the coordinator of the CCSF 2011, who helped out immensely with ideas and testing. Expect to see an enormous list of thanks later on!

Not sure where to begin? Take a moment to get an idea of what to expect during the CCSF 2012! One major change this year is the blog format. This will hopefully make each post more interactive, and will also allow all posts to be searched easily through the use of categories. Comments are encouraged, especially to share some appreciation to those who spent their time creating! Several other important features to be aware of include:
  • Activities: The CCSF 2012 wouldn't be complete without a vast array of Activities! These range from simple activities, to large contests with unique prizes. Make sure to take note of the deadlines!
  • Posts: Blog posts will be spread out throughout the day, to give each release a special spot at the top. Expect most, if not all, posts to be made between 12:00 AM EST and 8:00 PM EST!
  • Ratings: Aside from comments, the vast majority of posts will include a system of star ratings. This is an excellent way to quickly rate some of your favorite releases!
  • Translation: To accommodate Creatures fans from all over the world, a translation feature has been included. Simply click on the button labeled "Translate" in the sidebar, choose a language, and enjoy!
Even though the CCSF 2012 is just about ready to start, submissions are still being accepted! Please make sure to get in contact with this year's coordinator, Jessica of Discover Albia, through the methods listed on the Contact page. The benefit of having a two week long event means that late submissions can easily be scheduled to be released. Just make sure to have everything completed and ready by November 6, 2012.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who submitted something for the CCSF 2012! This festival is only as good as the community makes it, and it has never disappointed. I (Jessica of Discover Albia) am still honored to have been chosen as this year's coordinator, and I hope that this year will meet expectations! I adore Creatures and the players whom I interact with nearly everyday: Enjoy the CCSF 2012, and feel free to share your comments!
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