CCSF 2012 Day 1: Daily Comic by Pirate-Rob

Created by Pirate-Rob

Enjoy the first in a series of daily comics for the CCSF 2012! The party has begun... Or has it? Catch up with all of the previous comics at Pirate-Rob's Geneship!

CCSF 2012 Day 1: Colortrue Ettins

Created by Ylukyun for C3/DS (Ettin Breed)

Bring a bit of color into your C3/DS world with this pack of Colortrue Ettins! Not only do these Ettins start off with unique coloring in the first generation, but their genetics have been altered to allow colors to mix throughout the generations, rather than being solely inherited. This pack includes egg agents for the following colors:

Light Pink

Download the Colortrue Ettins (11 KB RAR File)

From Ylukyun: "These Ettins are inspired by the Spice Norns and based on CFE no mutate Chichi Norns. They have pigment genes moved around, making their colors mix instead of being inherited. The pigment genes do not mutate, as this causes issues with loss of color over time, but you should be able to get a wide variety of colors without mutation. People are welcome to use these files as a base for creating new color varieties."

IMPORTANT: The Desert Ettin sprites must be installed. Colortrue Ettins should not be mixed with other breeds, as the offspring may be sliders or die. Muco will autokill when first injecting the agents and extracting the genome: For best results, hatch a Turquoise Colortrue Ettin first before hatching any other color varieties.

Examples of Second Generation Colortrue Ettins

CCSF 2012 Day 1: Creatures Beats

Created by C-Rex with Album Art by SpringRain

Celebrate Creatures all year with this excellent musical selection from C-Rex! This extended play includes an assortment of tracks, all inspired by the world of Creatures. Enjoy listening along to the following:

Intro: 0:05
Beat of Birth: 2:03
Roll-R-Coaster: 1:45
Albian Dream: 2:00
Capillata Trance: 2:23

The download includes the five tracks, in addition to the full size album art and information document.

Download Creatures Beats (18 MB RAR File)

From C-Rex: "I first started work on Creatures Beats back in August, and it includes four Creatures-related songs, and an intro. The intro centers around two Norns who have discovered an old record, which is meant to represent members of the Creatures Community rediscovering Creatures following the announcement of Creatures 4. The EP couldn't have been possible without the help of SpringRain, the album artist; Reikya, for testing the album and providing me with useful feedback; Jessica, for hosting the CCSF 2012; and Lacota, Dr. Draconian, Caleb Mazelevskis and Bug for creating the very first Creatures Album, Creatures Dance Jam, ten years ago.

I dedicate this EP to the Creatures Community for always being there for me, no matter what.

Further information may be found in the Track Listing & Info document."

CCSF 2012 Day 1: CCSF Support Buttons

Created by Jessica

Show off your spirit during the CCSF 2012 with one of these support buttons! Add one to your blog, signature, or anywhere else to spread the word about the Creatures Community Spirit Festival! Please upload these images to your own server, in order to avoid hot linking. To go a step further, link a support button to the CCSF 2012 home page at to make it even easier for others to visit the site. Spread the word and enjoy!

CCSF 2012 Day 1: A Celebration Like No Other

Written by Jessica as Part of the Shee Journey Series

There was no turning back: My home transformed into nothing more than a speck of stardust as my journey began. I was assured that I was in no immediate danger, though I suspected that the initial takeoff was one of the most dangerous moments of this maiden voyage. My two trusted assistants were the only companions, yet I was relieved to have such peace and quiet. The cage room, complete with elaborate climate controls, was empty. I could just imagine the sights and sounds that would soon complete it. No Shee had this sort of opportunity, and my firsthand research was something I could hardly resist getting excited about. Yet my trembling fingers could barely hold a cup of tea, which was certainly not a good outcome. Emotions in check, I set course for the nearest exploratory star system.

The communication channels were soon awash with some of the strangest noises. For one brief moment, when the sound waves echoed throughout the corridors, I believed my ship was about to explode. The automatic flight features assured me, as I caught my assistants snickering. A Shee can never be faulted for expecting the worst. I released the exploration vessel, which was designed to explore and gather whatever could be found. We were positioned near a very vibrant planet, which virtually pulsed with its own energy. The images of the surface came back, and nearly invoked a smile. Nearly, but not quite. This was a strange world, indeed.

To describe the surface as colorful was an understatement. The vessel reported how the air was filled with flecks of color, which made me relieved to still be in the clean, sterile air of the ship. It dawned upon me that this world was oozing a sense of celebration and positive energy. Even from my vantage point in space, there was a decidedly joyous aura... My assistants broke into a short dance, which was quickly cut off by my stare. None of that on such a vital mission. Then, the alert sounded: A being had been captured. I nervously gathered myself in the research room, where a portal slowly opened to reveal my first subject. My fingers tingled with anticipation...

From Jessica: "The first day of the CCSF 2012 is, aptly enough, all about celebration! Creatures offers us many reasons to celebrate, from the birth of a Norn to the discovery of a new metaroom. Get the Creatures Community Spirit Festival off to a wonderful start with some fun and colorful ways to celebrate! Keep an eye out throughout the day, as the first set of downloads is released! Remember, something new could be posted at any time..."
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