CCSF 2012 Day 14: Chione

Created by Mea for C3/DS (Metaroom)

What better way to celebrate a frozen world than to actually bring one to your game? Chione is a gigantic icy-themed metaroom that has been discussed at Creatures Caves for a long time, with the original idea coming from Sam999. Many have helped with this project, and this initial version should give those cold weather Creatures something to enjoy and claim as their brand new home, with plenty of space!

Download Chione (12.4 MB RAR File)

From Mea: "This is just the very basic version of the room without the teleporters and door. There will probably be an add-on pack later that will include the teleporters and door for getting around and into Chione."


Jagotka said...

Oh's HUGE!!! I cannot wait to pimp it out :)

SpringRain said...

Oh my gosh it's Chione! It looks so pretty and sparkly and frosty~! *_*

Even as an initial release it still looks amazing. Thanks a bunch for this icy cold metaroom. I have some ideas for agent already that I'd like to put in here. Hee hee hee...that little frosty Grendel thing is one of cocoa...icy breeds. ^__^ I just wish I could figure out how to make things like this faster than I am. Lol.

ylukyun said...

This has really been a community effort. Well done to Mea, sam999, Liam, silvak, Malkin and everyone else who helped. Can't wait to play with this!!!

NornSlimus said...

Very nice room with lot of space. Really good work !

On my DS Standalone ther is a conflict with the biodome, so I can't use thame at the same time ... sad fact :( ... but I enjoy it alone, big & nice metaroom are so rare ! thx

Nirax said...

This is beautiful, love it! I've been hoping for a... "newer" glacial region for quite awhile so I got really excited when I spotted this background the other day. Never would expected that a release of it would happen this soon : D
I enjoy the over-all look, but the dark, chilly cave system really gives it an edge. The pond is the nicest detail to me, the glass corridor is so cool!

The map sure is vast! That's neat but I somehow feel that... I think I would prefer it a bit scaled down? Just a slight resize, everything feels pretty large. That's plain personal taste though :)

Defiantly inspires me to try making agents that goes along with this cold theme... :D (if I ever fully figure it out, lol)

Malkin said...

Chione 1.1, with additional teleporters and doors and a weather system, is now available from Grendel Man's site, The Realm:

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