CCSF 2012 Day 14: Coloring Contest Entries

SpringRain drew a wonderful image to be used for a coloring contest, and two artists brought the original black and white image to life! Have a look at these two entries from Nirax and Ylukyun. Perhaps SpringRain will be able to draw some custom art for both! Thanks again for an interesting contest during the CCSF 2012! Always nice to have a diverse basis of activities for fans to choose to take part in. Nice job!

Nirax's Entry

Ylukyun's Entry


SpringRain said...

Thanks to those who participated. These both look wonderful! ^_^ I hope you enjoyed colouring the image. Awards are going to be pretty easy to assign since there are only two entries. I believe Nirax wins for the Most Accurate Style and Ylukyun wins the Craziest Style.

I can be contacted at Creatures Caves via PM or at my email regarding which creatures fan art you'd like me to draw for you:

The more details the better. And it can be a group of up to three creatures maximum. Thanks again to both of you for giving this a go. :)

Nirax said...

Ooh, thanks for picking both of us SpringRain, that's really generous ^___^

That's one snazzy tree, Ylukyun! Not sure why, but the colors of it along with the yellow sky just looks cool and alien. Otherwise I find the purple "bengal" norn particularly nice too :)

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