CCSF 2012 Day 12: Space Travel Contest Poll

One of the main features of the CCSF 2012 has been the use of a mysterious spacecraft during the story. An activity open to all was a contest to design some sort of Shee spacecraft. Have a look through the three awesome entries, and cast your vote to determine the winner! No matter who wins, these three entries are quite amazing, and a special thanks goes out to each creator for taking the time to enter and contribute more to the CCSF!

Who should win the Space Travel Contest?

Marvolo323's Entry

This ship was designed by a brilliant Shee, if a bit of an oddball one, and it is built for extreme speed. It is used by the race for long-range charting, scanning, and even high-priority cargo deployments.
  • A) Cargo/equipment hatch with manual control wheel
  • B) Main generator sphere
  • C) Rotational flux generator for interstellar travel. "Flips" the ship across the tremendous distances between the stars by twisting spacetime using a combination of tremendous rotational speeds on the arm, xenological substances from Sphericus and Shee technology.
  • D) Forward FTL guide wings. Used for course control during interstellar flights by interfering with the gravitational surge generated at such tremendous speeds.
  • E) Pilot's quarters
  • F) Rear FTL guide fins. Mainly for stabilization.
  • G) Standard-space ion drive exhaust.
  • H) Heat exchange unit.

Nirax's Entry

Sam999's Entry

Shee Starship Woodworking Model: A wooden model of a Shee exploration star ship of the sort used for the whole voyage between the new worlds.


Unknown said...

I think Sam999's looks most like something he shee would design, based on the shee ark and Capillita designs.

SpringRain said...

It's hard to choose which to vote for. They all look like models Shee would use. I like the quirky tail and tentacles on the second one but the stingray-like design of the third seems similar to their past models, and very graceful. The first has so much detail...! All of them are good so good luck with the voting. Lol. Maybe each ship would belong to a different Shee. ^_^

Nirax said...

This was a lovely idea for a contest, bound to bring a lot of creativity :)

Marvolo323, the style of this makes me think of a "digital scan 3D blueprint" and that a really cool feature! I think the generator sphere gives it a really nice shape and the "rotational flux generator" is such a fun concept.

Sam999, I must say I defiantly didn't expect to see a wood craft here; it's looking awesome and is very well made! Great combination of smooth tech and biological shapes. I enjoy the choice of colors too, especially the "staining" of the green areas.

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