CCSF 2012 Day 6: Primordia Redux

Created by Ghosthande for DS (Metaroom)

Hidden beneath the jungle, a prehistoric type of world was uncovered during today's journey! Primordia Redux is a new metaroom for C3/DS that features a wonderful area for Banshee Grendels, as well as other Grendels. Not only is it a large region, but it also boats a myriad of different critters and plant life to truly make it a new experience! Some may remember the original Primordia, yet this expands upon it exponentially. Included in the download are the following:

Primordia Redux Agent
Primordia Redux Banner
Primordia Redux Readme

Download Primordia Redux (5 MB RAR File)

This metaroom includes many new features geared towards providing Grendels with a new place to call their own, some of which include the following:
  • Fungoo: Fruit Bearing Plant
  • Lept: Critter
  • Macefly: Bug
  • Mossvine: Seed Bearing Weed
  • Puffpop: Hazardous Toy
  • Swirlyshroom: Toy

From Ghosthande: "Primordia Redux is like the old Primordia metaroom, but updated and re-made with new graphics, coding, and original concepts that didn't make it into the 2008 version. In other words, it has basically everything I wanted to do the first time around, but didn't have the time, knowledge, or skills to attempt. Primordia Redux uses the same coordinates as the original Primordia, in order to save map space."

IMPORTANT: Primordia Redux will only work in Docking Station, or in a C3/DS docked world. It will not work in a standalone Creatures 3 world. It also uses the same coordinates as the original Primordia, so only one may be used at a time. Finally, if you have the old Primordia catalogue file, make sure to remove it before injecting the new version. This will allow the most up-to-date agent descriptions to be available.


Anonymous said...

A great new home for my shadow moonlight and dusky creatures ^^

Anonymous said...

...oh and a little warning , the Lept will become some kind of Rat on you Space-Ship! Don't let them out of that room!

SpaceShipRat said...

Yeah, watch out for those ;)

Pirate-Rob said...

Snap SSR beat me too it before I could comment XD

Risen Angel said...

This place is awesome, and naturally completely outdoes the original. I especially love all the *spoilers*.

There's one thing that's bothering me, though - there's an additional critter in the room's code, but the part of the script that was supposed to put it in the room was commented out. However, it still has its own sprite file, sounds, and scripts, plus an entry in the catalogue file. Either its lack of presence is an oversight, or it was removed at the last minute.

SpringRain said...

I can't wait to try out this jungle themed room. A new place for my Grendels to enjoy, and maybe some tough Norns or Ettins. Big thanks to Ghosthande for all her hard work. She always makes amazing metarooms! =^.^=

Ghosthande said...

@Grendel Man:
I was wondering how long it would take for someone to notice the Fachen.

Unknown said...

Runtime error in agent 2 8 32390 script 2 8 32390 6 unique id 170478
Sound file missing
[{@}sndc "c1dr" ]

Windows NT/2000 6.1 build 7601 (Service Pack 1)
OriginalDisplay DirectX (netbabel 148)
Wed Nov 07 13:51:54 2012 - Liam - 2.296 b195

I assume this is prooobably Primordia, but I'm not 100% sure--thought I'd post it anyway!

Risen Angel said...

@Liam: It's not. Primordia's classifiers are in the 60600 range.

Speaking of bugs though, I'm pretty sure the mossvine seeds that come out of the launcher are not supposed to fly around and bounce off walls until picked up.

Nirax said...

Primordia have been a favorite since it was released and getting more of it is a real treat! :D
I love the "prehistoric" choice of plants, it really sets up a special atmosphere.
I've not figured out the eater eggs yet but... I know they're there! XD

I think I favor the old coloring of the lept, but this spotted version is really neat too. I think these little creatures are my favorite biota here but the creeping mossvine is really cool too. Can't stop poking these puffpops either, it's too funny to pop them ^^;;
(Also spotted the fachen, I got the impression it didn't make it in but it got a lot of character and I think it would make a unique addition).

The room sadly seems to be a bit too dark on my old-fashioned "fat screen", this may be why I can't find these easter eggs.

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