CCSF 2012 Day 3: Cloud Layer Butterflies

Created by Jessica for C1 (COB)

The Creatures 1 Cloud Layer Butterflies have received a couple of updates with this release! The original coloring of the butterflies didn't entirely match up with their home in the clouds. These updated Cloud Layer Butterflies sport a beautiful blue color that helps them blend in with the sky and clouds a bit better than their cousins. Also included is a minor update for the original butterflies, along with a COB to inject them more times. This download includes the following:

Blue Cloud Layer Butterflies
Original Cloud Layer Butterflies Update
Updated Cloud Later Butterflies COB

Download the Cloud Layer Butterflies (Updated Link)

From Jessica: "The blue Cloud Layer Butterflies are little more than a recolor of the originals, though I thought it would be nice to have another option in Creatures 1! The update to the original sprite file is extremely minor, though it may make a small difference in the movement of the butterflies. The updated COB allows 255 uses of the Cloud Layer Butterflies... Much better than the original limit of five! Enjoy watching many float about Albia!"

IMPORTANT: The sprite and COB files included with this update will overwrite the original Cloud Layer Butterfly files. Please make sure to make backups. Also, only one color variation may be used at a time in a world.


Pirate-Rob said...

Thats pretty awesome! Is this your first cob Jessica? I wish I played C1 so I could try these out.

Unknown said...

Pirate-Rob: It's sadly not exactly a COB, but more of a sprite update. I'm slowly getting there in terms of creating COBs, though, so I have high hopes for the future! Eventually, I may create several COBs with different color varieties, so that players can end up having a rainbow of Cloud Layer Butterflies floating about! Maybe you'll pick up Creatures 1 someday... It's still my favorite, for so many reasons!

SpringRain said...

I always liked these. The only problem I ever had with them is Norns can't interact with them but the recolour looks very pretty and makes a lot of sense. :) Thanks, thanks and thanks. You're all going to get sick of hearing me say that if you aren't already!

Pirate-Rob said...

I have played C1 before well actually I own it but I don't usually have enough time to play it. Though if I do ever play it again this'll be the first cob I install.

Unknown said...

SpringRain: My Norns seem to be able to interact with them during the caterpillar stage... They seem to think they make a delicious treat! I'm usually lucky if I get one or two to survive to become adult butterflies. Ha ha! Now with the increased limit, my Norns better run away! Maybe a more interactive element is something to consider for the future, when I actually start making COBs. And, you're welcome!

Pirate-Rob: Aww, I'm glad you'll be using this updated COB! I know how it goes about having enough time, though. My current Norns and Grendels are being woefully neglected during the CCSF, though I have a feeling they'll have plenty of fun afterwards!

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