CCSF 2012 Day 13: Updated Bugs and Bank

Created by Malkin for C3 (COS File)

The Ballon Bugs from the Desert Terrarium were often just floating about with no way to interact with them initially, until a wonderful update came along! Now that update is available with a fix to the Ettin seed bank. No more autokill issues to deal with!

Download the Updated Bugs and Bank (5 KB RAR File)

From Malkin: "This is an edit to Creatures 3’s Balloon Bugs, making them more interactive for your Creatures. Creatures can now push, pull, eat and squish the bugs, making them much more entertaining overall, especially for Treehugger, Bondi and Draconian Norns, and Grendels of all kinds. Originally made for the CCSF 2009. C3 only. Now with a fixed Ettin seed bank!"


SpringRain said...

Thanks Malkin. Having a working seed bank as well as interactive Balloon bugs will be very nice. :) I might sprinkle a few of these cute bugs in my Grendel Terrarium.

Nirax said...

Lovely upgrade on the bugs! Love seeing creatures interact with animals... although squishing them may not be very polite, lol.

The bank is great too, but I seem to get an error when injecting meerks. Not much of a deal though, it won't show with autokill on and it still injects the requested meerk. May be caused due to the combination by something else I have in my game though.

Malkin said...

Darn it. Open the bank's cos file and see if the meerk it injects has a bhvr. The default meerks don't have any bhvr or scripts for doing things, so deleting any bhvr line on the meerks the bank injects will fix the bank.

Nirax said...

Okay, thanks, I'll try that :)

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