CCSF 2012 Day 7: Romulus and Remus

Drawn and Written by Ylukyun

Naturally, an industrial world must have some sort of market and economy! Find out more about a pair of interesting Norns through this awesome duo of Creatures fan art and fan fiction!

From Ylukyun: "Two Norns, Romulus (a Hardman) and Remus (a Treehugger) were found as babies; the only survivors of a tribe of Norns that had been killed, presumably by Grendels. For some reason the Grendels only murdered the 6 adult Norns, and decided to leave the 2 eggs alone. They hatched and crawled around until they were found by an Ettin, at which time they had become ill from eating contaminated food. The Ettin was a medic and nursed them back to health, and raised them. For a long time they did not think they were related, but a DNA test proved that they were half siblings. Yet they could not be more different. Romulus is a successful investor who bought stock in a Grendel hide couch company before the product skyrocketed in popularity. He also owns and manages a chain of extremely unpleasant but nonetheless very popular fast food restaurants, called Hardy's. He despises his brother's laziness and generally "laid-back" temperament. Meanwhile Remus is currently "between jobs" and mostly subsists on discarded food from Hardy's. He dislikes his brother's violent nature but says nothing, preferring to kiss up in the hopes of mooching off him. Despite the animosity between the two, they genuinely care for one another as well as their adoptive Ettin mother. PS: Remus is holding a quirky cookie."


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