CCSF 2012 Day 7: Industrial World Feral Run

Submitted by Kitty Tikara for C3/DS

Time for a sampling of some Grendels from a feral run! These Creatures fit right in with our industrial and technological theme of the day, right down to their photo. Even though many elements of C3/DS are natural, it's always fun to have some more variety with objects and Creatures who are a little more industrialized! Enjoy the day with this group of feral run Grendels! Included in this download are the following:

Aboriginal (25th Generation Female Grendel)
Hot (22nd Generation Male Grendel)
System (25th Generation Female Grendel)
Tacky (25th Generation Female Grendel)

Download the Feral Run Grendels (230 KB RAR File)

From Kitty Tikara: "The only type of industrial or technological Creature that's really out there are the Metallophagus Grendels, so I chose them. These are some of the more successful Creatures from my feral run. They have always been good breeders, and they live in an interesting place. I do have to admit that they lived in the hub and workshop, and not in the Biodome: The Biodome just looked prettier!"

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SpringRain said...

Thanks for sharing your Grendels, Kitty Tikara. I'll post about them on my blog if I start a world with them!

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