CCSF 2012 Day 7: Unnatural Formations

Written by Jessica as Part of the Shee Journey Series

It was a welcome surprise when the ship picked up a mass amount of activity originating from a planet in a nearby star system. I had to keep the Norns from getting too close to the controls: They seemed fascinated with the buttons and dials, yet one wrong move could send us hurtling off into uncharted space. Surprisingly, both the Ettins and Norns had adapted to life aboard the spacecraft. Yet those cages almost ate away their very essence when my assistants locked them away. I even had misgivings about some of the tests: A young one cried out when I picked him up roughly, and my heart felt like it was breaking. I was careful to keep these thoughts out of my reports. The institute would have been very upset if its prime researcher was showing signs of anything more than analytical curiosity.

The tea bubbled ever so gently as I sipped its warm contents. The exploratory vessel took off, almost with a grin. It was sure to return with something interesting from this planet. Atmospheric scans indicated that this was not such an organic planet: Industrial smoke filled some parts of the world, and it all was rather advanced. Up until this point, my voyage had taken me to very natural habitats. I anxiously awaited the opening of the portal. It could have been minutes or hours that I sat lost in thought, but even before the vessel could communicate back its findings, there was an unsettling feeling in the Norns. They seemed afraid of something... Very afraid.

From Jessica: "The CCSF has been going on for nearly a week now, and our journey is far from over! Today features an industrial world that seems to hold a dangerous mystery. One may be able to deduce just what that danger is from the reaction of the Norns, though it may be worth checking back to learn more. Have another wonderful day enjoying the past downloads, and looking forward to the new posts!"


Pirate-Rob said...

Today is going to be interesting/dangerous...

SpringRain said...

I think there might be Grendels somewhere in today's mix. Just a hunch. Then again, some Norn breeds can be more scary than Grendels.

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