CCSF 2012 Day 3: Empty World

Drawn by MK-Grendel

Creating a Creatures metaroom takes a great deal of work, yet this amazing background has set the stage for an excellent addition to C3/DS! Take a look through the following links on deviantART for two designs:

Alpina: First Design
Empty World: New Design

Note that this is only a graphic at the moment, though it provides an excellent glimpse into a metaroom that could be created! More detail can be found in the links. Maybe the Empty World will not be so empty in the near future... Due to the file sizes, please visit the links listed above to download the full size backgrounds. Enjoy this amazingly crafted metaroom idea!

From MK-Grendel: "If the new design will become a metaroom, I'll help with making sprites for plants and animals in the same style. In case someone will help, I'll draw Grendel/Norn/Ettin sprites: The Norn will be however the other wants them to be, the Grendel will be my design, and the Ettin is optional. The lava room was inspired by the C2 hatchery room, the swamp was inspired by prehistoric fauna, and the big lava crystal is like the big aquarium glass in the C3 aquatic terrarium. There are ideas for an elevator-free use of this room for each part."


Pirate-Rob said...

Awe I thought this was a metaroom that was made already... But it still looks great nonetheless.

SpringRain said...

Both these backgrounds look so vibrant and tropical! I can imagine that dragons would live there, or certainly some sorts of mystical creatures and animals.

Silvak said...

Alpina would need a little tweaking with room layout so the creatures could navigate better and actually live in the room. How to do that without ruining the amazing-ness that is already there would be tricky. I have some ideas, but I'm as stuck as MK-Grendel when it comes to coding.

Empty World has amazing formations and flora! If you could make sprites for plants or critters in a similar style and theme, you would probably have coders lined up for a shot at this masterpiece! How to get the creatures to navigate that bottom level would be tricky, but well worth the effort!

Anonymous said...

All of those graphics are awesomes

I particularly love the theme of Alpina, with is waterfall and is underwater caverns system, is like your norns go to vacation in the mountains.


ylukyun said...

I want to live in these rooms!

Unknown said...

Pirate-Rob: I think this could definitely be something that could become a metaroom one day. Kind of reminds me of a mix between the Biodome and Scribble Room, only with a very well done artistic touch!

SpringRain: I love all of the color, too! It's great to see so many different regions in a single metaroom. Makes it much easier to give a wide variety of Creatures a home in one region.

Silvak: Great ideas about both Alpina and the Empty World! I hope a metaroom coder comes along someday soon to bring at least one of these (ideally both) into C3/DS!

Nornatrix2: I'm sure MK-Grendel will enjoy reading your comments! Maybe all of the encouragement will result in some more graphics or, better yet, a metaroom!

Ylukyun: These images are amazing enough to hang as art! Not exactly close to living in them, but I think we all appreciate the time that went into creating them.

MK-Grendel said...

@nornatrix2 I do
@Ylukyun - saddly i have to agree - the design of a drawn metarom is really different up to any previous creatures deign and would match hardly, that's also the reason why i would also offer creating a norn/grendel breed - i hope they would match into this design and give a great surreal part of the game
@silviak - i have smooth ideas for alpina and i have a lot of them for the empty world - e.g. flashs transport the creatures on the could part but in case people will create those rooms with me, I'll wnat the rest of you still a little bit suprised ;)

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