CCSF 2012 Day 13: A Way Home in the Desert

Written by Jessica as Part of the Shee Journey Series

Fuzzy outlines and blurred images made me wonder if I was stuck in a dream. Or perhaps I had crossed over to the other side... The pain across my head told me otherwise, and I let out a short cry of pain. I was alive: Possibly the luckiest Shee at the moment. I pulled myself into a sitting position, and found that the vessel was upside-down. Wonderful. The on-board communicator chattered, and I recognized the voices of my assistants. With a shaky hand, I touched the button to respond. The screen came alive not only with their familiar faces, but also with the concerned eyes of the Creatures. After a systems check, it appeared that the vessel had simply gone off course and crashed itself. I knew I couldn't trust the devious thing. Yet it had saved my life in the way it crashed into the sand.

Sand, indeed. There was nothing visible outside the window but a great expanse of sand. I was told to stay put and await the emergency rescue vehicle, but I couldn't risk another vehicle. This vessel merely needed to right itself with the push of a button... I failed to negotiate the barrel roll, and ended up in an untidy heap on the floor. My head still ached like it never had before, yet nothing was broken. It was a curious thing the vessel had done. Before I could guide it back to the spacecraft, it jetted off at a perilous speed to pick up something it had been vastly interested in collecting. This had to have a mind of its own. I was convinced of it all, and a little frightened.

Yet the desert world was soon a small marble behind us as we returned to the spacecraft. Though I had only been gone for about a day, it was the most heartwarming reunion I had ever experienced. There was even a cup of tea waiting for me, and I could honestly say that the Norn who brewed it had done a great job. Just as we started to go through the objects brought back by the vessel, an incoming transmission came in. It was the institute. The vessel's crash had initiated an emergency beacon that had traveled back home. It was simply assumed that our off-course position was due to a problem, and that our journey would have to come to an end.

They knew we had found the Creatures they so desperately wanted to study. The exploratory vessel had been sending information back to them covertly this entire time. I knew there was something traitorous about it. Under section 728 of the Shee Intergalactic Research Institute's code, the automatic guide was initiated from home. We had no way of controlling it, and I felt a nauseous wave fall over me. Our plan to keep these Norns, Grendels, and Ettins from the grasp of greedy researchers was doomed. I would be welcomed as a hero: The best of the Shee. It meant nothing to me. I could not abandon these Creatures as my ancestors had. My hands were tied. Unless...

From Jessica: "Amazingly, the Creatures Community Spirit Festival has almost reached its conclusion! However, the storyline still has a number of twists in it. The Shee survived the crash, but what will happen next? Today's theme continues with the desert world, though don't expect to be bored with the same monotonous sand! Expect some excellent releases today and tomorrow! Also, don't forget to read Ask Laura, and send in your questions!"

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SpringRain said...

I'm glad the Shee is still alive. Phew! I love this story so far and really want to see what happens next. That nefarious vessel! I suppose that's the problem when things are bioengineered...they can end up with minds of their own. Lol.

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