CCSF 2012 Day 6: Around the Community

The CCSF 2012 is now in full swing, with plenty of downloads for everyone! There are still many new releases to come, yet the rest of the community has been very active lately. One of the benefits of bringing the Creatures community together during the festival is the awesome number of other activities and events! As always, thanks to everyone for making these first days amazing! Check out some of the following things going on around the community:
  • CC Chat: Stop by the CC Chat for a great place to chat with other Creatures fans! Have some fun getting answers to your questions and just chatting with members of one of the best online communities.
  • Gene Comparisons: Malkin recently wrote several posts at the Creatures Development Blog focused on genetic differences. Make sure to read on for an interesting analysis about some of the C3/DS breeds!
  • Halo in DS: Ghosthande has a surprise in store for fans of the Halo series! With the release of Halo 4 today, now Creatures can enjoy Halo in DS with this wonderful new wearable agent!
  • New Metaroom Concept: We've seen a few ideas for metarooms during the CCSF, but Nina (Elthar) has come up with another excellent New Metaroom Concept. Enjoy taking a look and sharing ideas!
  • Redone Personality Test: Some may remember an older Creatures quiz designed as a fun personality test. There is now talk of a Redone Personalty Test. Share some of your thoughts!
  • Short Story: Frogman posted several installments in a very interesting Short Story at Creatures Caves! Emerge has begun to take shape as many follow along. Join in, and don't miss out!


Silvak said...

Also stop by the C4 forum to participate in the thread Get-Online, Pony Express Style. Despite the DS server being down, we can still "get online" and share some of our creatures.

MK-Grendel said...

A question about the new metaroom design - how would a norn-breed in this stile look like? I mean a norn made out of photoshop? O_o

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